Everything You Need to Know About Inset Cabinets (Infographic)

Posted on: January 7, 2020

Installing kitchen cabinets provides many homeowners today the chance to personalize their cabinetry with a wide variety of choices in terms of many aspects such as color, size, design, accessories, etc. But when it comes in style, inset cabinets are still considered to be the most utilitarian and highly ideal for those who wanted to make their kitchen look more classical or vintage.

Inset cabinets are basically the opposite of overlay cabinets where the doors are fitted inside the cabinet frame. This method of installing cabinet doors enables the frames to be fully exposed.

While it might like a simple design, inset cabinets can offer more than what most people think.

Everything You Need to Know About Inset Cabinets

Inset Cabinets are Inspired by Craftsmen of the Past

Inset cabinetry offers a traditional yet elegant look that is inspired by the work of skilled artisans who lived during the Georgian and Victorian era. Despite the emergence of modern cabinet styles, inset cabinetry remains a popular choice.

Inset Cabinets are Highly Customizable

Matching inset cabinets with the rest of your kitchen is possible through personalization. You are free to go for various types of inserts like beaded or non-beaded so that you can determine how the cabinet will be set inside your frame.

Inset Cabinets can Save Space

The plain and straightforward design of inset cabinets allows the expansion of kitchen space. Saving a few inches by matching the doors and face frames can make a difference if the overall look of the room.

Inset Cabinets are More Affordable

Since there will be no overlay cabinets that can add up to the construction materials’ costs, opting for inset cabinets can indeed prevent you from burning a hole in your wallet.

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