What are the Items that You Can’t Put in a Kitchen Cabinet?

Posted on: March 23, 2022

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Kitchen cabinets are a great solution to keep your things together. It is a piece of furniture that is beneficial in many aspects, and since cabinets are an essential feature in your kitchen, knowing what to put and what not to store is vital. These items are either too awkward, bulky, too frequently used, or even too seldom to store in a kitchen cabinet.

Sometimes some items are not meant to be in kitchen cubbies whether you push them, and it is important to distinguish them to make alternate plans. Here are the things you should prevent from storing in your kitchen cabinets.

Table Clothes or Linens

Fabric pieces should be in separate storage. It should not be mixed with your food or appliances. Linens, table clothes, fancy placemats can be moved in a linen closet as much as possible. Some food items are magnets for attracting pests, mold, and many more. Always assume that when the two are together, all the fabric pieces in your storage can accumulate them too; worst, it will make it impossible to use them in the future.

Food Containers That are Already Open

When you have food, it is most recommended to put it in your pantry or refrigerator. By keeping your open food containers out of your kitchen cabinets, you save space for other things such as glassware or cookware.

If it is unavoidable circumstances and food must be kept in the kitchen cabinets, maximize your space by transferring foods to a glass container or in an airtight jar to prevent it from spilling and possible mess.

Serving Trays or Big Food Keepers

If you are entertaining many people daily and using serving trays, then this should belong to your kitchen cabinets. However, if not, then these big food keepers should be stored in separate storage like a plastic storage bin. A great spot to hide these would be under your countertop or kitchen island.

Kitchen Appliances That You Don’t Use

Kitchen cabinets are indeed an excellent place to hide things. But it is not for the appliances that you don’t use anymore. If you have appliances that you don’t use anymore stuck in your kitchen cabinets for five to ten years, it is perfect for selling or donating them. In this way, you’ll have extra storage for your new things. On the other hand, if you are not yet ready to be part with them because of sentimental value or personal reasons, you can get them and put them in a separate bin in your attic or basement.


If you want an organized cabinet, learn to know what you need to store in them and what you don’t need to. In this way, you will know better if you have enough space for the things you use regularly. Once your kitchen is well-coordinated, it will be more functional.

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