Best Items to Store in Your Open Shelves

Posted on: March 30, 2021

When it comes to storage, going for a versatile option like an open shelf is the solution for kitchens suffering from limited space. Open shelving has been one of the recurring trends in kitchen design, which involves customizing a cabinet by removing its doors. With the cupboard’s contents exposed, it can be easy for the owner to access and store items in the most convenient way possible. Apart from its ergonomic design, open shelves can also enhance a kitchen’s overall aesthetics if you will use such storage for displaying a wide variety of items.

However, the downside of open shelving is that you have to be careful of the items you will store. The absence of a door as a protective panel for your cabinets will make its contents more prone to dust and dirt. In case you want to know more about the proper use of open shelving, here are some examples of suitable items that you can include in its contents:


An open shelf in the kitchen is quite similar to the shelves found in a library. If you are into the hobby of cooking and you currently own a small collection of cookbooks, now might be the best to have them on your newly installed open shelves. Dust and other elements aren’t that much of a threat in the condition of your cookbooks, and even a feather duster is enough to keep them clean.

Wine Racks

Bottles of wine are not only an excellent collection, but they can also become a good decoration for your kitchen. Storing them can be a bit of a challenge since they are fragile, but you can put them on your open shelves by converting your storage into a set of wine racks. Remember that temperature can change the taste of a wine, so be mindful of the location of your open shelves and make sure that they are not installed near a stove or a cooking range.

Any Large Items

An open shelf can also be utilized as an extra storage area in case you ran out of space on your base and wall cabinets. Large items, such as serving platters, pots, and pans, can be kept on open shelves, but remember to clean them regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Basically, Any Items that You Wash Frequently

All items that you clean on a regular basis are suitable to be stored on your open shelves. You can put your plastic food containers, cups, cereal bowls, utensils, cutting tools, etc.

Elevating Your Storage with Open Shelving

There are other ways of how your kitchen can benefit from open shelving. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a practical and inexpensive method of enhancing their cupboards while maintaining the organization of tools that are essential for preparing meals.

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