Keeping Your Newly Refaced Cabinet in Mint Condition (Infographic)

Posted on: January 29, 2019


Now that you finally got your old kitchen cabinet newly refaced, you may start to wonder as to how you can maintain its beauty for years to come.

To help you with that, let’s take a look at these three simple ways of keeping your newly refaced kitchen cabinet in pristine condition!

Keeping Your Newly Refaced Cabinet in Mint Condition

1. Using the right cleaning agents

Since it’s impossible to totally prevent your cabinet from getting dirty, you need to clean it regularly to avoid tough stains that could ruin the look of those fresh veneers. However, always remember that NOT ALL cleaning agents can get the job done for you. Some of them can cause permanent damage instead. These are:

  • Bleach
  • Abrasive powders
  • Petroleum-based products
  • Acetone
  • Nail Polish Removers or Paint thinners
  • Any kind of solvents
  • Ammonia

It is highly advisable to use a piece of cloth sprayed with any wood-friendly cleaners for wiping off specks of dirt. If you don’t have one, you can make a paste from a mixture of baking soda and water as an alternative.

2. Keep it away from extreme heat

Heat-producing appliances like ovens can degenerate the appearance of your kitchen cabinet in the long run. This is because veneers that were used in refacing are made from thin layers of fine wood, which makes them very susceptible to extreme heat. So keep in mind that when using ovens, always turn on the hood fan.

Did you know? Aside from heat, there are other factors that can negatively affect the quality of the newly refaced cabinet. Direct sunlight can cause discoloration, while water and moisture can peel off some parts of its surface. Consider using blinds to protect your cabinet from these elements.

3. Be mindful of those sharp, abrasive, and pointed objects

While new and fairly durable, veneers can also get damaged by accidental punctures and scratches made by common kitchen tools such as knives, peelers, and cleaning pads. It usually happens when these tools are used near the cabinet or holding them while opening the cabinet doors at the same time.


One of the key secrets in prolonging your newly refaced kitchen cabinet in tiptop shape is by taking extra care when doing your daily kitchen chores and keeping it away from things that could potentially break its smooth exterior.

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