Kitchen and Bath Cabinets to Try This 2022

Posted on: April 17, 2022

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Since in this article we will be talking about the essential kitchen and bath cabinet trends of 2022, let us tell you that it’s going to be all about the hardware and finishes.

When choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, it’s important to consider what’s in and out. The trends of this year aim for a timeless look and feel. It’s not surprising that the kitchen and bath remodeling industries have a high demand. It is expected to increase its market share in the next two years.

Let us get inspired by these trends and make your kitchen and bath more functional and beautiful.

Goodbye All-White Cabinets

 This year, bolder, contrasting colors are making their way into kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Dark blues, golds, and emerald greens are in. These shades can create a calming, open space that never goes out of style. On the use of bold, rich colors for your kitchen and bath cabinetry, here’s what Mr. Christopher Peacock, the CEO, and owner of a cabinet company in San Francisco, has to say:

“It allows homeowners to keep most of their space very calm and relaxed while simultaneously introducing a strong color element for a bit of interest.”

If you aren’t ready to change your neutral cabinets, painting your kitchen island cabinets with any suggested colors will do.

Instant Luxury Look

While you may not have time to replace your entire kitchen, you can always redo the small details and quickly change the kitchen and bath. Update the knobs and handles with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’s wide variety of designs and colors. However, for 2022 the most popular style of handles is those with sleek and slim pulls. Some opt for modern pull bars, either of matte or glossy finishes, solid tops sellers. For a good reason, these styles look great on any cabinet style as they are flexible on a client’s cabinet design choice.

Cabinet Extension

 Extending your storage options to include under-cabinet lighting is another trend to try. Extra-deep drawers are a great way to store items that don’t fit on open shelves. You can use them to store dishware, Tupperware, and crockpots. Under-cabinet lighting is another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular for kitchen cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting will be beneficial in areas where lighting is poor.

The Return of Wood-Finish Cabinets

 One trend to try is the use of natural wood cabinets. Woodgrain surfaces are making a comeback. Increasingly, people are painting cabinets with distressed finishes to reveal their natural beauty. Subtle-grained-ash, pale oak or walnuts, and other warm colored-wood tones are also back.

However, this trend doesn’t apply to every kitchen. Many minimalist and industrial kitchen designs are opting for high-gloss slab cabinetry. The acrylic material used to create these cabinets allows them to be more vibrant and have a richer color. You can purchase cabinets with a completely acrylic surface or one that has acrylic-faced doors. Make sure to try these kitchen and bath trends to satisfy your need for a fresher home remodeling look this 2022.


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