Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Kitchen in Tustin (Infographic)

Posted on: March 29, 2020

Looking for a budget-friendly way to renovate your kitchen in Tustin? Then the best option you have is to pay more attention to your kitchen cabinets. As areas dedicated to providing the necessary storage, it’s no surprise that those cupboards can occupy a significant portion of the kitchen’s visual space. This means that enhancing the look and functionality of your kitchen cabinets alone can already make a noticeable impact in your kitchen as a whole.

So, before you start installing or refacing your kitchen cabinets in Tustin, you better check out the following design ideas to further spice up your kitchen storage upgrade!

1. Skirted Cabinets

Do you want something unique? You might want to try designing a set of skirted cabinets. A highly recommended design if you have exposed cabinets. This can be made by hanging a curtain from a rod that is secured at the bottom of the countertop to cover the exposed portions. You can either DIY a curtain or purchase a new and stylish one in the market.

2. Display Cabinets

In case you’re opting to exhibit your decorative dishware collection and other items that you wanted your visitors to see, a display cabinet is an excellent design option for you. With glass panels covering each section of the cupboards, it can also help reflect and spread light, making the area much brighter.

3. Corner Cabinets

As the name suggests, corner cabinets are cupboards that are installed with at the most neglected spaces in any room – the corners. Having corner cabinets can help you maximize your kitchen storage.

Utilizing more space for your kitchen cabinets in Tustin means more storage, and more storage will lead you to less kitchen clutter, making your kitchen prep area looked more organized.

4. Multi-colored Cabinets

You can do some DIY painting to your kitchen cabinets but with a twist – become more adventurous with your color choices! However, it’s better to stick around the limit of two to three different colors and make sure that they complement each other to maintain some aesthetic harmony for your kitchen cabinets.

5. Accessorized Cabinets

Purchasing accessories while availing a kitchen cabinet refacing in Tustin is by far the most effective way of enhancing your cupboards to the utmost level. Every accessory can provide specific functions and additional design, so you can look for a list of available kitchen cabinet accessories in the market and decide which will fit your cupboards well.

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