What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Try?

Posted on: March 9, 2022


One of the eye-stealing elements in your kitchen is your cabinet doors because they can say everything about your taste and style for your space. Whether you like it to look minimalist, luxurious, industrial, traditional, there are differences in cabinet doors that can evoke what you want to happen. There is a wide selection of designs you’ll love to explore by simply looking at panels, frames, etc.


So, here are some of the famous and unique door styles available in the market. These are only the best quality available exclusive at Mr. Cabinet Care.



 This is a next-generation laminated cabinet door, but far different from particleboard. These doors have a glossy, seamless look that reflects light. It is sturdier because its composition is made out of medium-density fiberboard or MDF laminated using a high-heat vacuum sealing, making it more durable than those in the market.


In addition to that, Duralam cabinet doors are non-porous, easy to clean, and will not change their color even after many years.



 If you are after cabinet doors that are simply clean but have a modern touch, various cabinet doors exude the level of sophistication you like. Modern cabinet doors range from:

· horizontal patterns

· vertical patterns

· grain patterns

· high gloss finishes, and

· ultra-high gloss finishes



 If you want to go for a traditional or farmhouse style kitchen, natural kitchen or wood elements are its core features. Duracore is a flagship solid wood cabinet door carefully curated from high-quality materials keeping variations to a minimum. There are five wood designs to choose from:

· Cherry

· Adler

· Maple

· Beech, and

· Oak

These exclusive stains are all chemical and water-resistant, ensuring only the best finish for homeowners who want to embrace this style.



 Shaker-style is considered the most classic. These five-piece flat panels don’t clash with much, so they are a good choice for kitchens with simple decor. This style of cabinetry can blend well with any kitchen design. It’s a quiet, timeless style that complements any room.



 While they can cost more than traditional hardwood cabinets and you may choose whether you want it tinted, frosted, or want it to be a simple, clear glass. The appeal of these doors is in their upscale look and feel. They require an expert hand to fit the glass into the wood frame. Moreover, the high cost of glass makes it difficult for you to make any repairs. It is advisable to opt for the best glass quality available in the market.


There are many different styles of cabinet doors. You can choose from wood, metal, or any other material. The only thing you first have to consider as a homeowner is how you envision your kitchen, and the second is how much you are willing to spend. Aside from your personal view of having the kitchen cabinet doors, make sure that you also ask for your preferred professional cabinet installers to help you install the cabinet doors to achieve the kitchen cabinet of your dreams.