Different Kitchen Cabinet Door Types and Styles (Infographic)

Posted on: March 21, 2019


One part that makes a kitchen cabinet a sight to behold is the door. Since it exposes most of the exterior of the cupboard, the doors are considered to be the most customizable component of kitchen cabinets up to date. Turning a cabinet door into something that suits your taste as well as your whole kitchen gives off a sense of originality and a great sign of an organized household.

Be aware that the doors are not only for the sole purpose of adding up some fashion to your cabinetry, but it could also provide some features that enhance durability and functionality.

Here are the basic kitchen cabinet door types and styles:

Different Kitchen Cabinet Door Types and Styles

Cabinet Door Types:

  • Full Overlay – Full Overlay Cabinetry refers to the door type wherein the doors and exterior part of the drawers are attached in a way that it almost conceals the cabinet surface. Due to the nature of this design, there is a small visible gap between both cabinet units.
  • Partial Overlay – This door type is quite similar with full overlay, the only difference is that it partially covers the cabinetry. This results in wide gaps between the drawer and the door below. Partial Overlay is also known as the standard overlay since it has been the standard door type that gained some popularity due to its affordability. Most low-end establishments such as apartments apply this door type to the kitchen.
  • Inset Cabinet Doors – Inset Cabinet Doors greatly deviates to its overlay counterparts. The doors are practically inset or installed within the frame of the cabinet. This way all the drawers, door, and cabinet frame are flushed. It has a bit of advanced design that requires the skills and craftsmanship of seasoned cabinet makers.

Door Styles:

  • Recessed Panel Doors – A door style where the cabinet door has a panel that is engraved on a slightly hollow position. Recessed panel doors are typically ideal for those looking for a door that gives off a clean and sleeker design. Moreover, this style is highly compatible with any kitchen that combines retro and contemporary elements.
  • Raised Panel Doors – Known for being the most commonly applied cabinet door style, the raised panel door is a direct opposite of the recessed panel door. The cabinet panels are raised to the thickness of the door frame to give more emphasis to the cabinet door as the main point of view.
  • Slab Doors – As the name suggests, the slab doors are basically door styles that completely covers up the cabinet frame. For this door style, the door and the drawer have the same protective slab that is usually made up of hardwood staves.
  • Open Frame Doors – Open frame doors are literally doors without any center The space within the door is usually filled with a glass which gives a transparent view of the contents of the cabinet from the outside.

While there can be many varieties of cabinet door types and styles available, knowing about them before choosing the best one is definitely the right option.

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