Kitchen Cabinet Hardware for Five Different Kitchen Styles

Posted on: January 19, 2021

Kitchen cabinets are excellent providers of storage for a wide variety of items, especially for those that you regularly use for preparing meals. In some cases, a well-made cupboard can also reinforce a specific kitchen style, adding a new flair to its aesthetics. This became the reason why many homeowners who are planning for a kitchen remodeling project tend to spend a significant portion of their budgets on enhancing their storage solutions. Some of the notable ways of cupboard upgrades include buying a custom or semi-custom kitchen cabinet and the more affordable kitchen cabinet refacing service.

However, if you want something way cheaper, you can always go for some subtle makeovers for your storage, such as replacing your old cabinet’s hardware. Cabinets are usually made with monochromatic designs that make smaller components like doorknobs and pulls capable of creating a visual impact on the overall appeal of a cupboard.

Here are several hardware styles that you can try for your kitchen cabinets:

Satin Sheen

Is your cabinetry looking too old? Perhaps you can take advantage of its aged appearance by using a satin nickel handle. With a traditional nickel finish, you can easily revamp your cabinet doors with a new touch of a retro look.

Square Knobs

For those looking for a unique hardware option, better check out this square knob specially designed for contemporary cabinets. Its shape can help establish some symmetry in your storage, which can also be ideal for a modern minimalistic kitchen.

Ceramic Knobs

Eclectic kitchen owners, rejoice! Ceramic possesses a natural look that complements the heavy designs present in an eclectic kitchen. Many ceramic knobs, like those colored with turquoise, are among the most uncommon choices that will surely make your storage more eye-catching than before.

T-Shaped Bar Knobs

Stainless steel bar knobs looked good with many types of wooden cabinets. If you are prompted for another unique and ergonomic design, you can find some neutral-colored t-shaped bar knobs in the market. Knobs with those shapes are better with a soft brush finish.

Bronze Pulls

Unlike other fashionable knobs in this list, bronze pulls are typically for simple yet highly sophisticated designs. These cabinet pulls alone are excellent in giving any kitchen a distinctive cottage-style look. What’s even more interesting is that they remain to look fine when installed in both horizontal and vertical positions.

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