Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing a Good Idea? Why You Should Consider Refacing Your Cabinet Right Now

Posted on: February 5, 2019

Doing a cabinet refacing is one of the most practical ways of making a noticeable upgrade for your kitchen. While many people are also opting for overall kitchen remodelling services, it can also be a wise choice to just consider cabinet refacing instead. Why? Well in most cases, kitchen remodelling primarily focuses on upgrading the cabinet by completely replacing it with the new ones. This can be quite unfortunate and uneconomical especially for cabinets that are still in working condition since the main purpose of remodelling is to improve the look and functionality of the kitchen as a whole.

On the other hand, a simple kitchen refacing doesn’t necessarily require your cabinet to be changed – it basically optimizes the aesthetic quality and durability of the cabinet by installing new drawers, doors, and covering its external frames with a thin layer of fine wood or veneer of your choice.

If you’re still undecided about whether refacing your kitchen cabinet is a good idea or not, here are the reasons that can convince you to do it right away:

It’ll save you some money

Refacing is a cheap and cost-effective alternative compared to other methods of kitchen renovations such as replacing and remodelling. Through refacing, you can retain your original cabinets while giving it a total makeover at the same time.

You have the power to choose

With refacing, every customization feature will only depend upon you and your decision alone. There are a wide variety of materials as well as colors of veneers to choose from so that you can have that kind of cabinet you truly desire.

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time

Of course, the exact duration will always depend on the size of your kitchen. But unlike kitchen remodelling that takes over several weeks to be finished, you can have a newly refaced cabinet in just a matter of days.

Can add real estate value to your house

Kitchen cabinets can also give a lasting impression to other people, especially to potential buyers. In the event that you’re planning to sell your house, giving your old kitchen cabinet some new modifications can make your kitchen more attractive and valuable.

It’s nature-friendly

You don’t need to dump your old cabinets anymore and let them rot in landfills only to excrete chemicals that can further contribute to air pollution. Additionally, cabinets are made from wood, so preserving your cabinets also means preserving trees to be cut down from the forests.

Kitchen Cabinet refacing is a simple way of making your kitchen look good indeed. However, it’s most vital for anyone aiming to revamp their kitchen to know that having professional advice is still highly recommended to ensure you’ll get the most out of the service.

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