Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tips: Should You Install End Panel?

Posted on: September 11, 2018

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an excellent way to give your old and dull-looking kitchen space a new life. With a reliable refacing contractor, you will not only be able to choose how you want your cabinets to be updated and what materials you will use, but you can also get to choose how much you want your cabinets to “stand out.”

That said, if your goal for refacing is to spruce up your boring and dull-looking cabinets ultimately, then door end panels are likely the finishing touch that you should not miss!

What are End Panels?

End panels are decorative pieces that serve as concealment for the rather rough-looking end of a base or top cabinet. Although they don’t have any functional or structural purpose, end panels are a crucial element if you want to achieve a clean, seamless and uniform design in your kitchen space.

End panels are often constructed from solid wood for the sole purpose of creating an illusion that the whole cabinetry is also made of solid wood. They can either feature similar inlay pattern of the cabinet doors or a compatible variation to indicate that it is a decorative piece.

When Would You Want to Use End Panels?

  1. Boost Aesthetic Appeal of Your Kitchen Space

Most homeowners choose to install end panels to their kitchen cabinets mainly because they create a nice, clean finish. Even if the kitchen floors and walls are uneven, kitchen cabinet end panels can make your kitchen look level and square even. Some people also want the sides of their cabinets flush with the frame, so installing end frame helps achieve that look.

  1. When You Are Planning to Install Crown Moulding

If you want to install crown molding into your cabinets, then you will need the side to be flush to make a clean corner. Installing end panel creates a flush side, which will make it easier to install the crown molding, and ultimately make it better to look at.

  1. High Gloss or Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to reface your kitchen cabinets with the high-gloss material, then you are going to need an end panel. While high-gloss or painted doors can make your cabinets really show up, the surrounding walls and kitchen units would look dull against your doors without an end panel.

Wanting to improve the overall appeal of your kitchen cabinets via installing end panels is a sign that you need to reface them. Door end panels can be easily installed on your kitchen cabinets during the refacing project, just your contractor the material, color, and style that you like, and you will be able to feast your eyes on this beautiful addition to your existing cabinets once the project is completed.

Thinking about trying an end panel for your kitchen cabinets in style other than what you have on your island counters but not sure what colors and style would best match your Orange County kitchen? Reach out to us by calling (800) 581-0694 to know more about our kitchen cabinet refacing services today!