How to Get More Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Posted on: December 21, 2019

Having a set of newly-installed kitchen cabinets comes with a lot of benefits – no doubt about that. But what if you already tried putting everything on its drawers only to find you still have a lot of other stuff to put on. You should be aware that the storing capability of many kitchen cabinets today isn’t limited to their drawer boxes alone. With some creativity and a bit of research (like what you’re probably doing right now), you can apply some methods to make the most out of those cupboards of yours.

Try out these five ways of taking more storage from your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Cabinet Accessories

If it’s your first time hiring a contractor to install or reface your kitchen cabinets, try asking if they also offer accessories that can maximize kitchen storage. There’s a good chance that they’ll provide you a list of available accessories such as built-in cabinet plate racks, pull-out trays, spice drawers, single bin trash, and many more!

  1. Tall Pantry Cabinets

A highly ideal choice for those who own smaller kitchens, tall pantry cabinets can fill that awkward and tight gaps between your lower cupboards and a nearby wall. Their slender size also indicates that you can free up more room for your bigger cabinets as it can store most of your food items.

  1. Kitchen Island

Ever tried having a kitchen island before? It is an effective way of getting more storage from your kitchen cabinets by maximizing the usage of a kitchen area. In this case, kitchen islands can eliminate the need for a separate dining area as the extended countertop that forms the island can be placed with chairs for eating meals. The additional space can now occupy by installing more cabinets or wall shelves.

  1. Upper Cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets in the upper portion of your walls can give you access to some “additional space” that few people manage to take advantage of (that area between the upper cabinets and the ceiling). There a lot of stuff that you can put in there, so make sure to consider this option.

  1. Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

Look around your kitchen walls and see if there’s an empty one that could be an ideal spot for installing floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. If you can find such cupboards that can cover its entire surface, you will surely have a whole new storage area that can safely keep a great deal of your items. While this basically means that you must get more storage by additional kitchen units, such an investment is a worthy one if you’re in dire need of a permanent solution.

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