Five Kitchen Cabinet Styling Tips for Your Upscale Kitchen

Posted on: July 20, 2020

Looking for stylish ideas to enhance the capabilities and appearance of your upscale kitchen? Then you better pay attention to your storage. Occupying a significant portion of visual space, cabinets can provide a noticeable impact on the aesthetic quality of any kitchen.

Due to the wide range of options for customization, finding the perfect cabinets for your kitchen can be very tricky. But since you have the budget to try different things, perhaps you should not limit yourself if you wanted to make your kitchen reach its true potential in terms of design and functionality.

To give you a head start, here are some of the most notable ways of how you can style your high-end kitchen using your cabinets!

Exhibit Your Special Items through Glass and Lighting

In case you ever felt the desire to show any of your kitchen-related collection, there’s no better place to put them on your cabinets. Have your kitchen cabinet doors replaced with glass inserts to make each cupboard compartment look more open, and you can easily showcase your prized items. You can even install some simple lighting to further highlight your special items, regardless of the time of the day.

Go for Bold and Adventurous Colors

One common feature present in modern kitchens is the use of different varieties of wood stains, as well as neutral colors like black, white, and gray. But styling an upscale kitchen has its own advantages, and maintaining a distinctive yet appealing design is one of them. In terms of choosing a color scheme, it’s highly recommended to consider the most uncommon ones for your cabinets while keeping the use of neutral for the other kitchen units.

Create an Illusion of a High Ceiling with Tall Cabinets

Installing tall white cabinets can make your kitchen space look wider vertically. For an added effect, you can also put a crown molding at the top where the cupboards meet the ceiling. This idea works best for traditional upscale kitchens with an emphasis on ancient European architectural design.

Establish Multiple Focal Points Using Wood Grain Cabinets

Are you following a transitional kitchen theme? Traditional wood grain cabinets that are installed around different kitchen work stations can become excellent focal points once combined with your modern kitchen units. The classic appeal of this type of wood cabinets is enough to trigger rustic vibes around the kitchen without making it look too shallow or outdated.

Consider Open Shelving

Open shelves are now slowly making its way in the contemporary kitchen design. A good alternative to glass cabinets, open shelves do not only provide a place for any special items, but it can also offer ease of access to some of the most important kitchen tools. Keep in mind that this storage solution is only ideal for those who don’t have the tendency to mess the arrangements of the stuff to prevent unwanted clutter.

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