How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets More Accessible

Posted on: June 13, 2020

How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets More Accessible01

Accessibility is an important aspect of kitchen storage. Without proper access to essential kitchen tools and other related items, accomplishing daily household chores can be a nightmare. Fortunately, modern designs of kitchen cabinets that are available in the market today are highly customizable to the extent that ease of access can be optimized in many ways.

The following tips that you are about to learn are specific and sure-fire tips on improving the accessibility of your kitchen storage by designing or customizing your kitchen cabinets. If you’re interested in enhancing your old kitchen cabinets for the better, it’s highly recommended that you avoid trying any DIY projects, as it could bring undesirable results in the long run. Instead, consider reaching out to a kitchen remodeling company near you.

Add more Drawers

Reaching out to something stored inside one of the lowest compartments of your kitchen cabinet can be an uncomfortable task, especially if you experience occasional back pains. A solution for those who find it difficult to open the doors of lower cabinets is by installing more drawers with varying depths. Having drawers with different depths enables you to host kitchen items regardless of their shapes and sizes.

Try different Hardware Details

It might be tempting to pay more attention to the beauty of hardware designs rather than its functions. But in order to have more accessible kitchen cabinets, it won’t be bad to consider how ergonomic your hardware designs should be. For instance, you better opt for cabinet doors or handles that require you to use your whole hand for opening drawers containing larger items such as pots and pans. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hardware, so don’t hesitate to try each one of them.

Install Pull-out Shelves

Also known as roll-out trays, pull-out shelves are another excellent storage solution for reducing the need of hunching down just to take something from the lower cabinets. Custom-made kitchen cabinets can be installed with pull-out shelves that are tough enough to be a storage area for taller items that can’t easily fit into your drawers. Once combined with full extension hardware, pull-out shelving makes bulky objects like Tupperware less difficult to organize.

Install Full Extension Hardware

Full extension hardware can be a set of slides that enables your drawers to be opened entirely, exposing all of its contents. Having such hardware on your kitchen cabinet drawers can be handy at times, especially if you’re trying to find an item hidden deep within the back of your shelves.

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets       

Cabinet refacing in Yorba Linda is an efficient way of improving the accessibility of your kitchen storage because it you the opportunity to replace the doors, drawers, and hardware while retaining the rest of your old cabinet structure remain – all for a cheaper cost. There is a wide range of design selections that can help you take the accessibility of your kitchen cabinets to the next level and making it look new at the same time.

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