What Should I do With My Kitchen Cabinets Walls?

Posted on: March 6, 2022

Investing in your kitchen cabinets will always be worth it since it holds many things together. In fact, it can be used as storage for your foods like home-cooked meals or even unperishable snacks. It also serves as space for your cookware and silverware. This is why many homeowners are obsessed with updating and doing everything for their kitchen cabinets. Both base and wall cabinets are equally important as they serve their purpose well in your kitchen needs.

Aside from these, cabinets make up a substantial portion of the kitchen’s visual space. It is what most people see first when they look at your kitchen. So, the tendency to think of all the possible things you do to decorate them is higher. If you are looking for tips on what you should do with your kitchen cabinets walls, you might want to consider the following.

Open Shelving

Sometimes, wall cabinets can look a little bit cramped, but you can opt for open shelving types of cabinets instead. The exposed items from your cubbies will highlight things in an organized manner and have an additional impact. It is one of the most functional designs that are easy to love. It also gives your space a refreshing state and a finishing detail.

Maximizing the Top Surface of your Wall Cabinet

Most of the time, the top surface of your cabinet holds the most clutter in your kitchen. It became a regular spot for all the things you don’t necessarily use. This time around, you can consider changing that as you can take advantage of them. You can organize your collectible items in that specific space from now on. Show off your creative side and arrange them accordingly. Maximizing the top surface of your wall cabinet will add an extra effect to the whole area.

Add Plants

There is no other way to naturally add brightness in your kitchen area than having plants in your space. Plants are always a good idea to freshen that gloomy feeling you are experiencing while in the kitchen. The said plants should be placed on any wall shelf to add glare and accent to the walls. Also, the plant can grow through hanging pots, so it will be easier to attach them.


The availability of the decorative style that you can opt for your wall cabinets is enormous. In fact, one glance at it and you’ll know what to do with them. But sometimes, not all ideas are equally created for your cabinets; that’s why you must inspect them first for safety purposes. Does it require some refinishing touches or not? While you are busy decorating your cabinets, you should also know their condition before it’s too late. You can consider hiring a professional to do it for you if you don’t have an idea about it. A cabinet refacing in California would be happy to assist you when you need one.

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