Which Kitchen Ideas to Say Goodbye to in 2023

Posted on: January 15, 2023

If you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen, remodel but haven’t found the right time or a way to get started, 2023 is the year to start planning. Not only can a well-designed kitchen make your home more beautiful and functional, but it also adds to its resale value. But before you begin creating your dream kitchen, it’s essential to know which kitchen ideas will fade away in the coming year so you can avoid them in your design plan.

Goodbye to Open Shelving

If you plan to have a cabinet refacing in Southern California through the nearest refacing companies and opt for open shelving, we suggest you think a second time. Open shelves are a standard option for many homeowners, especially when they want to store everyday kitchen items or decors to make a kitchen statement. However, keeping items dust-free can be impractical and hard to upkeep. Open shelving cannot work as primary storage as placing things up there will eventually not look neat.

Goodbye to Modern White Kitchens

As much as many people love white kitchens, they can be pretty plain and boring in the long run. For others, they tend to feel that all-white kitchens—even the ultra-modern ones—tend to give off a hospital or rehabilitation vibe. More people are now leaning toward bringing a warm and cozy vibe into the kitchen, giving it more complementary colors to elevate the space.

Goodbye to Black Hardware and Finishes

This trend took the world by storm during the pandemic years of 2020-2022. Black hardware, backsplashes, sink, faucets, name it. While it genuinely made the kitchen space look edgy and sleek, blacks in the kitchen made the area look small and tight. Adding light wood touches to their cabinetry is an excellent alternative to updating their kitchen.

Goodbye to Grays

A color close to black that makes a pale and plain kitchen is gray. This color, between white and black, is slowly exiting the kitchen themes for 2023 making way for the following colors:

  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Wood tones

Goodbye to Mosaic Tile Backsplashes

The mosaic tile designs for a backsplash came along with the blacks, white, and grays. These narrow and horizontal brick tiles made their way into the kitchen in early 2010 but continued to dominate the kitchen design world until late 2020. It is usually composed of three colors: gray, black, and silver. Other colors are available, too, as long as the three colors are in varying tones.

Many homeowners are now rethinking their mosaic tile backsplashes as kitchens become busier since people are into the new normal. This type of tile backsplash tends to look busy, so those who want a kitchen to remodel their backsplashes would go for simple, less busy ones.


Trends come and go. The only thing you’ll need to remember as a homeowner is that you’ll need to stick with timeless kitchen styles that will last for many years. Ultra-whites may be tweaked to something that will invite warmth and vibrance when mixed with other colors. Don’t be too extreme with the colors to maintain a warm and inviting kitchen space. The same is true with different colors. You might not want to let go.