Kitchen Remodeling Designs to Maximize Space

Posted on: August 16, 2021

Many people today are renovating their kitchens because it is where we prepare most of our meals. The kitchen is also where families gather, which means it should be a comfortable place to be. One of the greatest focuses of homeowners in kitchen remodeling is to improve the function and maximize the space for a more appealing home.


It is mostly kitchens with small or moderate kitchen floor areas that would benefit from what we will mention below, but homeowners with big and spacious kitchens can use it as a guide, too! To get started, here are some kitchen remodeling design options that can help you make the most of your kitchen space.


Install Floating Cabinets or Boxed-in Uppers

 Maximizing space means planning where kitchen appliances, utensils, condiments, and other essentials go when not in use. If you are thinking of adding cabinets, floating cabinets, or boxed-in uppers that you can easily reach for may help do the trick of storing kitchen items away from sight and getting things when you need them. These cabinets will make your kitchen look cleaner and appealing.


Of course, choosing the style and color that will match your overall kitchen look can be totally up to you. Just because you want to update your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to change everything in the room.


Pro tip: Use cabinet organizers to store kitchen-related things properly.

Consider a Tempered Glass Backsplash

 Backsplashes play an important role in making your kitchen look spacious. For this reason, some people opt to use tempered glass as a kitchen backsplash. Remember how installing mirrors in a living room can give an illusion that the area is bigger? The idea is the same with it as a backsplash.


Tempered glass backsplash is safer than ordinary glass backsplashes as tempered glasses are not easy to break, are heat resistant, and are likened to plastic, but are way better than that. It is easy to clean, simple, and elegant. It is easy to clean, too!


Pro tip: Choose a transparent tempered glass for your backsplash, so the original beauty of your kitchen wall is seen through the glass.


Use an Island Counter

 The next best use for your space is by installing island counters; this will give you extra counter space without taking up floor space. It can work as a dinner table and food preparation where the family can sit in and watch as you prepare their food while having a good chat.


Pro tip: Have a provision for tucking-in stools or barstools under your island counter for easier tidy-up time.


Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

 You may also want to choose your appliances based on their energy efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances cost less to run; therefore, they will save you money over time. While this is true, it is also important to ensure that the appliances you purchase will fit into the space you have. You don’t want an appliance that will take up too much space, but one that you will use well.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. You want to make it as functional as possible, and by maximizing its space, you’ll be able to enjoy your remodeled kitchen for many years to come.


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