L-Shaped Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

Posted on: August 25, 2021

In our homes today, most of the time, we see that most of the kitchens are L-shaped. Why is that? Why do people prefer to have their kitchens in all shapes rather than any other shape? There are several reasons behind this. Let’s look at some of them and discover how you can use them for your benefit.


Make the Kitchen Visually Bigger

One of the main L-shaped kitchen benefits is that it makes the kitchen appear bigger visually. If you use rectangular-shaped kitchen counters, then the room will be visually elongated horizontally. Still, if you use a flat countertop and rounded edges, you can visually make the room appear smaller visually. If you use a rectangular countertop with sharp corners, it will visually expand the room vertically. Hence, using L-shaped kitchen counters can make the room appear larger visually, giving more space provision in moving to and from when preparing food.


It is also commonly known as the “open concept layout,” which eliminates barriers that traditionally separate different dining and kitchen areas.


Make the Most of Available Counter Space

Another one of the L-shaped kitchen benefits is that you can make the most of the available counter space by installing cabinets on one edge of the counter. It will allow you to utilize the full width of the counter space for food preparation while keeping the opposite side of the cabinet closed. This way, you can store cutlery, small pots and pans, small spoons and forks, cups and saucers, and other kitchen utensils in an organized manner. Also, if you install tall cabinets, then you can maximize the vertical space of the cabinets.


A Helpful 2nd Sink

A convenient addition to the L-shaped kitchen benefits is that you can install a second sink in the corner of the room without any noticeable interruptions. This secondary sink is perfect for food prep and storage. Also, you can easily add a bar area with stools to this setup. Adding barstools to this setup enhances the eating space and makes it even more attractive.

Extra Cabinets

Since the L-shaped kitchen optimizes space, with the cabinets in the middle and the work zones on each side of the cabinet, this design makes it very easy to open up the drawers of the cabinets and move things around. The cabinet door can also be positioned on the opposite side of the workstations so as to optimize the use of the space.


Provision for a Kitchen Island

Because an L-shaped kitchen design is set against your wall, it gives a generous amount of space for a kitchen island. It is another beneficial help for homeowners for extra storage space and countertop for extra food preparation area. But, if you have a small kitchen space, the kitchen island should be tailored in a size of a square to have easy access when reaching for things on top of it. However, with that, there will be no more provision for a seating area.


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