Best Laminate Flooring Colors for Oak Cabinets

Posted on: September 4, 2019

Oak cabinets are among the most highly recommended types of kitchen cabinets nowadays. Known for its durability, and water-resistant qualities, oak also possess a unique wooden appearance due to its uniform grain patterns that are often distinguished by light-reflecting rays.

If it’s a traditional style of kitchen you want, installing oak cabinets is a great way to augment the classical beauty of your kitchen as a whole.

Most oak cabinets can last for years with limited signs of wear. But eventually, you will start to see some of the negative impacts of ages on its external surface. In this case, it might be the right time for you to have them refaced.

Moreover, paying attention to the look of your existing laminate flooring can further augment the beauty of your oak cupboards. Below is a list of the best laminate flooring colors that you might want to try with your oak cabinets!



Best Laminate Flooring Colors for Oak Cabinets

Create Contrast with Lighter Wood Colors

Building contrast in terms of color is an artful way of showing a harmony between different kitchen elements, such as the cabinets and the floor. Your oak cabinets already have an aesthetically pleasing color, so all you have to do is to choose a certain laminate color for the flooring that can contrast the hue of the cabinets. Examples include lighter-colored laminates like light cherry, cypress, whitewash pine, beech, or light maple. These colors work best when paired with honey oak cabinets.

Make Your Entire Kitchen Unique with Natural Stone

Are you looking for a unique flooring-cupboard combination that creates a vibrant and modern vibe within your kitchen area? Then try a natural stone laminate for your flooring. Though it might sound like so unorthodox, wood and stone materials can work well especially when used the right way. You can select laminate floorings such as marble, granite, slate, travertine, and terra cotta. Just make sure that the color of your wall, appliances, and countertops will complement this unusual combination.

Improve Your Oak-Themed Kitchen with Oak Floor

While it may look quite redundant, using oak-colored laminate can add variation and classical look to your cabinets as long as you will go for the darker ones. Look for oak laminate floorings with a bit darker or lighter shade than your cabinets, and the result will surely surprise you.  You can either go for wheat oak or colonial oak laminate.

Opt for Medium-Dark Laminates

Arguably the most popular laminate flooring choice today, medium-dark laminates are almost perfect match for oak cabinets. These colors do not possess a hue that dominates the room or overlaps with your kitchen cabinets. Examples of medium-dark laminates are acacia, hickory, chestnut, pine, and Brazilian cherry. The advantage of using these colors is that they are pretty much low-maintenance as they don’t easily deteriorate from constant presence of dirt, pet hair, watermarks or dust.

Having oak cabinets can lead you to a wide array of laminate flooring choices that provides your kitchen with a sense of personality. Take heed of this list and choose what you think is the best for you.

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