How Long Does Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Last?

Posted on: June 5, 2022

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Homeowners who have not done their ‘home”-work may mistakenly think that kitchen cabinet refacing is a temporary, quick fix for their space. They might believe that because they cannot afford to replace their cabinets that cabinet refacing is providing them with a “cheap” solution to their problem, one that will not likely hold up as well as brand new cabinets.
However, those notions are far from the truth. Kitchen refacing contractors can give you all the details on cabinet refacing, including the fact that refacing can last for literally decades. These are not products that will need to be replaced again in just a few years. Cabinet refacing uses quality doors and drawer fronts that can last just as long as brand-new kitchen cabinets.
Of course, the parameters need to be right in order for the project to be its most successful. Indeed, the success of your project depends on:
⦁ Whether your existing cabinet bases are in good condition
⦁ How your cabinets are cared for once the project is complete
⦁ Whether the kitchen refacing contractors hired are skilled at their work
Let us look at this a little more closely.

Your existing cabinets

It is likely that your choice of cabinet refacing will be successful if you first examine your existing cabinets to make sure they are in decent shape. This includes the boxes and the face frames as well as the internal hardware, like the drawer tracks. When the wood on the boxes or face frames is split, cracked, or marred in some way, you may be better off replacing the cabinets with new ones.

Caring for your cabinets after refacing

Just like anything else in your house, your new cabinet doors, and drawer fronts much be cared for properly. These cabinets will last a long, long time if you:
⦁ Keep them clean by wiping them down each weed with a damp cloth and a spray that is approved for use on wood or wood laminates.
⦁ Keep heat, water, and smoke away from them. Turning on the range hood fan each time you cook is a wise idea!
⦁ Avoid being near your new cabinets with anything sharp or anything that can scrape or gouge the new pieces.

Choosing the right kitchen refacing contractor

Not everyone who fancies themselves a contractor can do kitchen cabinet refacing. You want to choose a company that employs experts who are skilled in this process and one that can recommend the products that are right for your kitchen and for your budget. You will also want to look for a company with an excellent warranty so that their work is guaranteed for years to come.

Going one step further

As you search for quality kitchen refacing contractors, why not look for a company that also does countertops and backsplashes? This will allow you to complete your look. In addition, it is best when all this work is done together, simply because doing a backsplash at the same time as your cabinets means it’s less likely that your cabinets would be scratched or marked up by sloppy workers doing it at a later time.
Did you know that one of the latest trends in backsplashes is a full quartz backsplash? Basically, a continuation of your countertops, a full quartz backsplash looks smart and classy and – of course – this solid slab backsplash matches everything else you have chosen. You simply continue your quartz countertop up the wall for a seamless transition from countertop to backsplash. It looks impressive and offers many advantages.
⦁ You get a seamless design that is not broken up by grout lines or tile patterns. And because there is no grout, it does not get dirty or discolored.
⦁ By using a full quartz backsplash that is the same as the countertops, your room looks larger and opened up. Conversely, a busy tile backsplash makes the kitchen seem more crowded.
⦁ A full quartz backsplash is ideal for those who are seeking a minimalist look. Kitchen refacing contractors often recommend this for homeowners who seek a true contemporary, simple look for their room.
⦁ A full quartz backsplash can cost less than an intricate tile backsplash that takes hours to install.
⦁ Quartz is also non-porous and very water resistant, so the fact that this full quartz backsplash is near the sink will not matter.
So, as you ponder your kitchen cabinets as well as other elements that can be included in your upcoming remodel project, know that kitchen cabinet refacing is far from a cheap alternative to replacing the cabinets in your space. Kitchen refacing contractors like KCR can help you choose quality products for your new kitchen doors and drawer fronts and help you recognize the advantages of installing a full quartz backsplash and other elements that will keep your kitchen looking fresh. For more information on all our products, visit us at