How to Maintain an Open Shelf Kitchen Cabinet?

Posted on: January 25, 2022

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Some homeowners out there may prefer having open kitchen shelves or cabinets and know that these types of cabinets require more cleaning than closed ones. Because they do not have doors, dust and grease can quickly accumulate. So, how do one keep a clean and organized open shelf cabinet?

Here are some tips we’ve collected to ensure that your open-shelf kitchen cabinet is well-maintained.

Decide on what items to place on your open shelves

 When choosing a kitchen cabinet with open shelves, you should decide which items you need to store. You can select the top shelf for more expensive and sturdier objects, but for everyday use, you should opt for lower shelves.

Speaking of everyday use, plates, glasses, and cutleries are highly potential items for open shelf cabinets because they are candidates for frequent washing. So, there is no real opportunity for dust to gather. Plus, storing them is easier because it cuts the time of organizing them when it is time to unload them from your dishwasher.

A kitchen with an open shelf is a beautiful way to get more storage space without compromising on space.

 Decide on how many open cabinets you want

 Choosing the right open shelf design is crucial. You’ll need to think carefully about the number of open shelves you want. Your cabinets don’t need to all be open; choose which ones to leave relaxed and place the things you usually use there. Those small appliances and other cooking gadgets are better kept in closed cabinets to avoid making your open shelves look “junky.”

If you still want an open cabinet but don’t want to worry about dust and grease. You may also try glass cabinets which are a great way to display beautiful glassware. You can also avoid worrying about scrubbing the cabinets too often, which may make them more prone to stains.

 Regularly clean your cabinets.

 If you’re worried about dust and grease, you’ll need to clean your open shelves regularly. Check the items you put in the cabinets if they are still meant to be there or not. As a general rule, always organize your kitchen items according to their usefulness.

 Note: If you’re a pet owner, open shelves are not recommended since hair tends to float upward, making it difficult to keep clean.


Less is more

 Open shelves in kitchens have a variety of benefits. In addition to providing more storage space, they also offer a beautiful and unique look to the room. Aside from making the kitchen look more appealing, open shelves are also helpful for displaying decorative pieces.

You may also opt to display larger dishes and small everyday appliances that don’t go quickly messy because too many small items make open kitchen shelves untidy. Also, try to avoid showing too many colors that don’t harmonize with the overall color of your kitchen. Display those that match the color and style of your kitchen.


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