What are the Best Materials for a Kitchen Cabinet?

Posted on: December 23, 2021


Homeowners who are into the beautification of their kitchens prioritize materials they use primarily for kitchen cabinets, as it is a vital part of storing items and food in the kitchen. There can be many types of materials used for kitchen cabinets, and choosing the best materials will play a role not just in terms of the look but also with its functionality.

So should you choose a material for your kitchen cabinet or home cabinet project, try to consider some of the materials that can endure wear and tear in the list below.


Generally, the best choice of many homeowners is hardwoods because they have a natural finish that won’t need to be refinished or replaced. This type of material is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets because of its durability and availability in various colors.

Hickory is a highly durable hardwood. It ranges in color from white to brown and has random streaks. It may be the most expensive option due to its very reflective surface.


 Though it may also be an expensive choice, plywood is also considered one of the best materials because it is also a type of solid wood. When looking for suitable plywood, go for a moisture-resistant grade. It’s durable but doesn’t require much maintenance.

Should years pass and it’s time to replace your plywood-made cabinets, they’ll be easier to replace as plywood are less expensive than hardwoods. They can mimic the look of wood and save money on the material.

If you’re concerned about damage, medium-density materials are an excellent alternative.

Medium-Density Fibreboard

 Speaking of medium density materials, a fibreboard or an MDF is one of the best kitchen cabinet materials to use. They’re easy to install, are less susceptible to damage, are stain-resistant, and are inexpensive.

As MDFs are made of small wood particles mixed with wax and resin, they do not expand as much like natural wood when humidity in your kitchen changes. MDF does not easily yield to warping.

Should one wish to replace its finish or repaint it, one can do it whenever they want to change its look to match your kitchen or home theme.


 If you are looking for a more affordable but high-quality option for cabinets, consider choosing laminate. It is durable, has many color options, and can match the contemporary style and texture you may envision for your kitchen. It is a cost-effective way to beautify a kitchen without spending much.


 Just like laminates, wood veneers are sheets of solid wood that are put together or pasted over composite substrate—stained and polished in such a way that would achieve beautiful color and texture that exudes the beauty of natural wood.

A veneer’s finish could also be designed depending on the homeowner’s preference—semi-gloss, high-gloss, or matte. However, it tends to become discolored when exposed to natural light, has evident stains, is not properly polished, and is not totally scratch resistant.

Choosing the suitable material for your kitchen cabinet project is essential.

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