Mid-century Modern Kitchen Ideas are More Popular than Ever

Posted on: August 18, 2021

Some of us who lived through the 50s and 60s would have never thought that the designs of those times would return, but – in fact – mid-century modern design, as it is called, is more popular than ever.

The term “mid-century modern” is generally used to describe the designs that were most prevalent in America post-World War II. It’s now recognized as a significant design movement and generally includes very clean, simple lines without a lot of embellishment. It’s appealing to a wide range of homeowners, regardless of age, and you’ll find the style in living rooms, dining rooms, bedroom, and kitchens throughout the country.

Mid-century modern kitchen ideas are many and can be found all over the internet, in kitchen showrooms, and maybe in the kitchen of a friend or family member of yours! These ideas represent a wide range of elements, from colorful appliances and cabinets to retro pieces that will have you traveling back in time to an era when it seems life was simpler. These mid-century modern kitchens can be kitschy, if that’s your vibe, or can be crafted in a style that’s timeless and one you’ll love for years to come.

There are many elements that separate mid-century modern kitchens from other styles. Consider these options as you ponder a kitchen renovation or a total remodel of your current kitchen space.

Colorful laminate countertops

These days, it’s usually all about granite, quartz, and marble. It’s rare that homeowners creating an upscale kitchen choose laminate…unless they’re going with a mid-century modern kitchen remodel. Laminates were especially popular from the 1940s through the 1970s and one of the best things about these countertops is that they are available in a vast variety of colors.

Laminate countertops look super sleek and can match the other elements in the room or can be done in a contrasting color that will make the kitchen especially interesting and vibrant. Laminate is easy to care for and can last for a long time with proper use and maintenance.

Flat front cabinetry

Think back to the 1950s. Cabinets didn’t have fancy doors. They were smooth and flat (and often metal rather than wood). You can re-create that 50s and 60s look with flat panel wood cabinets that can be painted in any color you wish, from white to super-popular apple green or even turquoise or red. The options are endless!

Flat front cabinets are often less expensive than more ornate cabinetry, and the mid-century modern kitchen look can be completed with hardware that’s simple as well, like round polished chrome nobs. They look great with any color and are affordable and easy to find at the home improvement store.KITCHEN CABINET | CALIFORNIA

Ceramic tile floors and backsplashes

While ceramic tile might not be the choice for a more traditional kitchen, mid-century modern kitchens are all about ceramic elements. You can even select ceramic tile for the countertops. Choose a vibrant color like yellow or red for floors, backsplashes, or countertops and add some white if you want to bring the brightness down a little. You might even think about a black tile border that goes around the edges of the counters for a really cool mid-century modern kitchen look that pops.

Bright-colored appliances

Maybe you have your heart set on stainless steel or retro white appliances for your mid-century modern kitchen, but the best kitchen designers say that it’s not truly mid-century unless you add at least one brightly-colored appliance, such as – perhaps – the range or refrigerator. Companies like Big Chill make them in eye-popping cherry red, orange, pink lemonade, turquoise, and more. They not only give off a vintage vibe but they’re top-notch as well. Not so crazy about bright? Consider something in a nice pastel, like Big Chill’s Buttercup Yellow or Jadite Green, and pair them with some countertop canisters or perhaps a stand mixer of the same color.KITCHEN CABINET | CALIFORNIA

Mid-century modern kitchen décor and accessories

While you’re busy choosing the right flat front cabinets, a suitable bright color for your floors, funky-colored appliances, and a super-retro backsplash, don’t forget about the other parts of your kitchen, namely the furniture and the accessories.

Scour eBay and other places for kitchen tables with molded, tulip-shaped chairs. Look for vintage light fixtures that hang on chains above your table or island. Find some retro canisters and other pieces for the counters. They complete the picture and tie together all the elements of your mid-century modern kitchen.


At Mr. Cabinet Care, we’ve certainly put together our share of mid-century modern kitchens and are eager to help you create a kitchen space that’s timeless yet takes you back to times-gone-by. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and to view photos of some of the many spaces we’ve turned into mid-century ktichen masterpieces.