Mix and Match for Fun and Imaginative Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Posted on: August 16, 2021

There are no hard and fast rules about kitchen décor. You don’t have to stick to just one style or trend. If you enjoy mixing and matching and can’t decide between a few favorite kitchen styles, why not choose an eclectic kitchen plan that combines two (or more) of your favorites to craft a room that you’ll absolutely love?

An eclectic kitchen can include a mixture of just about anything – styles, colors, textures, materials – but it still must be done tastefully and cohesively so that it looks like all the elements belong together, even if there as different as night and day. The eclectic kitchen needs to function well while also taking into consideration your tastes and preferences. If you can show off your individuality without creating total chaos, then you’ve succeeded!

Consider these mix and match options.

Cottage with color

Cottage kitchens are generally cheery and bright, but they’re often somewhat monochromatic, featuring cream or white cabinets with countertops in the same color family, wood floors, chic shutters, some pastel accessories, maybe a few vintage pieces. Overall, a cottage kitchen is characterized by charming, subdued tones. Very pretty! If you like that vibe but lament the lack of color, make your kitchen more eclectic by pairing it with color that you might find in perhaps a retro or modern kitchen. Think about a turquoise backsplash, a checkerboard tile floor, or even some red barstools at the island. And how about some brightly-colored pendant lights? Just a little color will give your cottage design a more current vibe and guests will love the eye-popping color in your eclectic kitchen.

Shifting shapes

Sometimes all it takes to make your space look a little more eclectic is to change the shape of some of your elements. For example, you might want a kitchen with very straight lines, flat front cabinets, and other modern touches but maybe you think it looks a little too severe or “hard”. An easy way to fix that, for example, might be to install an island with a rounded seating area at one end or some beautiful curvy light fixtures. If you love urban-style kitchens but want a little more softness, you can forego the straight subway tile backsplash and instead add tiles in unique shape and/or with curvy edges. With the right colors, you’ll still maintain the same hip, urban attitude but the shape will offer a slightly different profile for your eclectic kitchen.


French bistro meets American diner

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? This eclectic kitchen design idea is one for those who aren’t too serious about making their house look cohesive because it won’t likely match the rest of your digs. It is, however, both lovely and fun at the same time and will certainly intrigue your guests. French bistro-style kitchens usually include vintage seating, marble accents including backsplashes and countertops, maybe a shabby chic piece or two, and perhaps some café flooring, like a black and white checkerboard floor laid in a diamond pattern. Add some diner details by replacing bistro counter stools both vintage chrome and vinyl diner stools and add some retro diner signage. You might even consider a retro appliance in a fun color, like pink or yellow, which still matches the bistro feel but also brings out the retro look.

Hot and cold

An eclectic kitchen isn’t just about cabinets, floors, and countertops. You can achieve a lovely eclectic kitchen design simply by mixing up your colors. Take, for example, a modern kitchen. They’re usually very sleek and shiny and often include mostly just blacks, whites, and grays. Pops of color usually come from small accessories that are added by the homeowner. However, if you take those muted colors and add perhaps some earth tones – like rust, orange, red, or green – you’re going to take that contemporary kitchen from warm to cold in no time at all. Consider using those warmer colors on the walls or include them in a backsplash or other more permanent element. Using warm hues is the perfect answer to taking a stark, cold kitchen and making into a much more welcome eclectic kitchen.


If you’re ready to renovate or remodel your kitchen and you’re not sure which style is your favorite, consider combining your favorites for a kitchen that’ll truly reflect your personality. We can help! At Mr. Cabinet Care, we’ve designed plenty of eclectic kitchens for our clients and are eager to help you get off on the right foot. To view some photos of our eclectic kitchen projects or to speak more about how to get started, call to speak to one of our design professionals.