Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted on: August 20, 2021

The word “modern” generally means something that’s related to current times, but the words “modern kitchen” mean more than that. Modern kitchen designs generally feature clean lines, sleek elements, and state-of-the-art everything. These kitchens can be found in houses of every style, from colonial to ultra-contemporary, and abodes of all sizes, from one-room condos with galley-type kitchens to sprawling estate-type homes with huge kitchen spaces.

Though modern kitchen designs may have similar elements, not all are created equal. There are many design plans that fall under the moniker of “modern” and each is unique in its own right. None is less “modern” than the next. It all depends on preference.

But to help you get started, here’s a list of some popular trends in modern kitchen design.

The open concept kitchen

If you have the space to do it, the open concept design is very popular with homeowners who wish to create a modern kitchen. Open concept, of course, means as few walls as possible with elements that easily flow from one to another. Often, a very large island acts as a sort-of divider but does so without being obtrusive or cutting off your line of sight, as a wall would do. As a matter of fact, the island is often the centerpiece of an open concept modern kitchen design and should receive lots of attention in planning. Other elements might include sleek, flat-front cabinets (perhaps in a unique color!), open shelving, and other things that give the feeling of an airy, open space. Ask you cabinet/kitchen specialist for more ideas!KITCHEN CABINET | CALIFORNIA

Lots of stainless steel

There’s no doubt that most modern kitchen designs will include state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, but did you ever think about perhaps putting in some stainless steel cabinets as well? If you haven’t but you’re going for that super sleek 21st century techno vibe, consider upper cabinets made of stainless paired with lower cabinets made of more traditional materials. It really provides a cohesive look and when paired with upscale elements like marble countertops, it’s chic and ultra-contemporary.


Modern isn’t all about fancy, that’s for sure! Many modern kitchen designs don’t have a lot of “gingerbread”, so to speak. Cabinets are often flat-fronted and very often don’t even include hardware. In addition, appliances such as the refrigerator may be covered in the same material as the cabinets to create an uninterrupted line. You might even find the cabinets and floors done in the same wood grains, again to create a flow that’s truly minimalist. To offer some visual interest for your modern kitchen minimalist design , however, the island can be done in a different wood grain or color and might include a countertop that’s a bit of a contrast to the other pieces. In addition, in a minimalist modern kitchen design, you’ll find very few accessories on the counters. Instead, they’re tucked away.

Gold and white

Looking for a modern kitchen design that’s truly gorgeous and upscale? Consider combining mostly-white elements with gold touches. Choose bright white or cream for the cabinets and walls. Then go out and buy gold-toned hardware for the cabinets and drawers, gold sink fixtures, and perhaps a marble, quartz, or granite countertop that has some gold veins running through it. And don’t forget the gold light fixtures over the island or kitchen table as well as gold vases or other accessories. It’s a totally chic look that’ll have guests oohing and aahing over your modern kitchen design.


Geometric designs

Of course, not all elements in a modern design kitchen need to be rectangular or square. If you have a uniquely-shaped space or you want to make your normal space look a little more quirky, consider adding some pieces such as an asymmetrical island. You can also be a little more subtle with geometric designs and include them in your backsplash tiles or perhaps choose a herringbone-patterned floor or pantry door. Modern geometric kitchen designs are super cool and interesting and offer something just a little bit different.


There are tons of other options for modern design kitchens, ranging from super clean monochrome white designs to sleek black options to all wood kitchens and much more. Because the word “modern” can be interpreted in many ways, the possibilities are endless. Your experts at Mr. Cabinet Care have crafted hundreds of modern kitchen design ideas and are eager to help you with your kitchen plans. For more information, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation and get started on your brainstorming your modern kitchen design ideas.