Are Modern White Cabinets Too Trendy?

Posted on: June 3, 2022

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White kitchen cabinets have been popular for decades. Think about kitchens of days gone by. Maybe your grandmother’s kitchen of the 60s was all white, with metal cabinets and bright Formica countertops. Or the kitchen in the house where you grew up had white kitchen cabinets too, paired with laminate countertops and an interesting backsplash and a tiled floor.
So, now you are looking at modern white kitchen cabinets for your remodel and you’re wondering if they’re still in style or even too trendy. Is everyone doing white modern cabinets these days and, if so, are they going to hold their value or are they simply a fad that’s going to pass?
Well, you might be delighted to learn that white kitchen cabinets are still the most popular choice for kitchen renovations, especially for a small kitchen remodel. And there are plenty of reasons why!

Why should I choose white?

Modern white kitchen cabinets are ultra-versatile, and that’s the main reason that homeowners opt to go with these cabinets for their small kitchen remodel or even for larger kitchens.
You can pair modern white kitchen cabinets with about any other element. If you want a monochromatic palette, that works simply fine. Use white quartz countertops, a white tile backsplash, and even white floors for a super sleek look that will have your guests oohing and aahing.
However, if you don’t want all white, you can complement the modern white cabinets with all sorts of other modern – or not-so-modern – elements. A dark or light hardwood floor looks great with these cabinets or you can go with a more contemporary ceramic tile or something similar. Choose a backsplash in about any color you wish and any pattern as well. Modern white kitchen cabinets go with anything from bold geometric prints to very plain subway tile in a variety of hues.
Modern white kitchen cabinets also make your room look extra bright and open tiny spaces as well. So, if you’ll planning a small kitchen remodel for a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, these cabinets are a wise choice. White will reflect light rather than absorb it, so everything will look naturally brighter without the need for excess artificial light.
If you’re planning on selling your home in the next several years – or at least before its due for another kitchen remodel – you’ll find that modern white kitchen cabinets are a smart choice because they add value to your home. Rather than going with a color that’s super trendy, like blue, green, or even red, white cabinets are attractive to most buyers because they present a clean, easy-to-match palette in which they can see a lot of potential. In other words, it’s easy to make a white kitchen your own, so buyers aren’t turned off by it as they might be by other less popular colors.

Add a little variety

If you are still worried that modern white kitchen cabinets might be too trendy for your small kitchen remodel, consider something that might help tone down the brightness and make your kitchen a little less minimalist.
For example, you might think about cabinets of two assorted colors. That is a look that’s extremely popular now. Consider white cabinets on the top to catch the light and an assorted color on the bottom, like black, grey, or dark blue. This keeps the contemporary look intact subdues the brightness a bit.
You might also consider using an accent color on your island if you have one. You could paint one side red or another bright color. It’ll really pop amidst the modern white kitchen cabinets, even in a small kitchen remodel.
So, if you’re worried about whether your modern white kitchen cabinets are too trendy, there’s little to be concerned about. White cabinets have been around for decades and are here to stay, thanks to their clean lines, versatility, and more.
If you’d like to learn more about the many options for your upcoming cabinet refacing project, contact KCR and and let our experts chat with you about the advantages of choosing modern white kitchen cabinets for your project.