How to Organize Kitchen cabinets

Posted on: March 26, 2019


How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

As the primary source of the needed space for storage, it is only reasonable to keep those kitchen cabinets of yours some careful organizing every once in a while. Many people often leave their cupboards unclean and full of random stuff that makes it like swirling chaos of entropy over time. And as a result, finding the needed pots and food container whenever you need it the most could prove to be quite difficult because it’s somehow stuck inside one of your drawers.

To help you take the good step on restoring the former glory of your kitchen cabinets, here are some of the best tips for you.

  1. Do a thorough cleaning

If your cabinets are already filled with a bunch of kitchen tools and equipment, be sure to remove them first. Do this with the utmost care as some of the things inside might be very fragile and prone to breaking when you took them out hastily. You can use a clean cloth or a spray bottle with disinfectant to take out every undesirable matter lurking in the deep corners of each compartment.

  1. Decide which one will stay in each cabinet

Once the cleaning is done, you can now proceed back to the stuff you took out of the cabinet earlier. This should be the time where you have to use your ability to organize everything based on several factors such as the following:

  • How often you use each of one of them.
  • Sizes
  • Their purpose

To give you a brief example of applying these factors here’s an example. Things that you usually used for cooking must be stored near the stove. These can be your pots, pans, and baking sheets. Place your appliances in an area not too far away from the food storage containers.

  1. Maximize your cabinet space

Making the most out of your cabinet space is perhaps the trickiest thing, as it could make your cabinet disorganized as opposed to what you are actually trying to do. So make sure to do it the right way by using your cabinet shelves. This tip works the best for it basically doubles up most of the cupboard’s vertical space.

  1. Make good use of a file to store bottles

In the case that you want to store some bottles, they can be quite annoying every time you open the cabinet door. To keep them out of falling, simply put them on their sides using any kind of file like pages of used magazines.

By the way, you can also apply this easy hack with other cylindrical objects like canned goods!

  1. Install a hanging bathroom bar on your cabinet door

Another easy trick to maximize the space and help your cabinets look more organized is by hanging up a towel bar. You can use it to hold those spray bottles or pot holders. One good alternative if you don’t have a towel bar is a corkboard.