Paint colors you can pair up with white cabinets (Infographic)

Posted on: June 5, 2019


White cabinetry has been one of the most common choices for kitchen design over the past years. Its ability to create an illusion of more breathing space as well as provide a simple but sophisticated look is second to none. In fact, there is a good chance that one of your neighbors or someone you know has a kitchen sporting white cabinetry.

If you never tried having white kitchen cabinets before, you must be aware of several colors that can work pretty well with it. Lucky for you, white’s natural versatility makes it quite compatible with a wide range of colors. But first, you need to understand that the colors that you should pair up with white cabinets fall into two categories: contrasting and coordinating colors.

Paint colors you can pair up with white cabinets

Contrasting Color Choices

As the name suggests, picking a contrasting color is something that triggers the juxtaposition of elements in your kitchen to make them more balanced and give more emphasis on the less dominant parts of your kitchen. You can usually identify a pair of contrasting color by seeing their opposite positions in the color wheel.

However, it might seem difficult to imagine a color that can contrast white as this color is not necessarily included on the color wheel. In this case, you’ll need to base your choices on the theme or design that your kitchen already had. This time, picking contrasting colors with white cabinets requires a bold and creative mindset.

Let us focus first on combining your white cabinets with paint that you’re going to put on your wall.

  • Yellow painted walls are the best if you’re opting to bring your overly boring minimalist kitchen back to life.
  • If you’re following a traditional style kitchen and you have white cabinetry that looks a bit vintage or antique, go for something dark but unique. You can paint your walls with colors like rich green or royal purple.
  • You can use lighter colors if you have a small contemporary kitchen that’s brimming with bright frost or white linen cabinets.

Coordinating Color Choices

Choosing coordinating colors for your white kitchen cabinets mean that you’re planning to improve the other hues that your kitchen already has. There are a couple of ways to select the best type of coordinating color. You can either choose an element that will be highlighted on the walls or use coordination of neutral paint colors.

This time we’re going to use the color of your backsplash or the countertops as a basis to pick a color that can enhance their emphasis to the kitchen. But of course, we shall never forget our white cabinets.

  • If you have a backsplash with blue accented tiles, apply that same color to your walls lest it could destroy the tiles’ harmony with the white cabinets.

Neutral colors are very easy on the eyes, and their lack of overpowering hues is the reason for that. Be sure that you can take advantage of it. Examples of neutral colors that you can put on your walls are the following:

  • Natural shades of white such as light brown and beige
  • Gray and Steel Blue

As a rule of thumb, there is actually no forbidden rule when it comes in picking a color that matches well with your white cabinets. You just have to select the right one that is highly compatible with the other elements and kitchen style that you already have.

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