Plan Your Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Posted on: June 1, 2022


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Kitchens are so often the centerpiece of a home, and if your kitchen is starting to look old and drab, you’ve been thinking about giving it a facelift. If you’ve got the means, replacing the cabinets, countertops, floor, lighting, and other elements is a possibility. However, if you’re planning your kitchen remodel on a budget that doesn’t allow for such an elaborate renovation, you’ve thought about refacing your cabinets instead.
A good kitchen cabinet designer will tell you that cabinet refacing is certainly a viable option for many homeowners. In fact, refacing is perfect if:

⦁ You are pleased with the blueprint/layout of your kitchen
⦁ Your existing cabinet boxes are in good condition
⦁ You don’t want your kitchen to be out of commission for weeks
⦁ You have a limited budget

How does refacing work?

Many homeowners automatically assume that cabinet refacing is the “temporary” answer to a full cabinet replacement. However, there certainly isn’t anything temporary about this technique nor does it “look cheap” as some homeowners infer. When that happens, it’s plain to see that those homeowners haven’t been well-educated about the procedure, or they would realize that refacing provides a beautiful fresh look for kitchens at a fraction of the price of a total gut job…and for way less hassle!
So, what is refacing and can someone do it on their own rather than hire a kitchen cabinet designer?
Well, it depends on how handy you are and whether you have the time and patience to complete such a project. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

⦁ Remove all cabinet doors and drawer fronts
⦁ Reface exterior structure with matching materials
⦁ Install the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
⦁ Install new hinges and moldings
⦁ Purchase new knobs and accesories

Hire a kitchen cabinet designer or DIY?

Certainly, a resolute DIYer might consider refacing themselves instead of hiring a kitchen cabinet designer. But it’s important to know that there are plenty of place’s things can go wrong if you’re not experienced in this field. Improper handling of the materials could cause errors, which would result in loss of time and money and – worst case scenario – the need to replace some of the doors or other items you’ve already purchased.

Instead, if you hire a kitchen cabinet design expert, he or she will not only do things right the first time but can also help you visualize your new kitchen before you even begin the project. With the use of online kitchen design tools, like this kitchen visualizer, you have the ability to craft your layout and take the guesswork out of how your finished kitchen project will look. You’re in charge and can try a variety of options for cabinets, countertops, and more before you make your final decisions.

In addition, if you use a kitchen cabinet designer for your refacing project, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with professionals who’ve done this process countless times. Just peruse the before and after pictures of kitchen refacing projects at and you’ll see the results that come with hiring someone who truly knows their craft.

Kitchen cabinet refacing, when done correctly, is a wonderful way to take your kitchen from out-of-date to outstanding in just a few days. Your guests will we wowed by your new space, and you’ll be proud to show it off, too.

For more information about the process, about our kitchen visualizer, and about the kitchen cabinet design professionals at KCR, head to for more details or to schedule an appointment to talk about your refacing project.