Five of the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets of 2019 (Infographic)

Posted on: July 3, 2019


In case you don’t have much time to think about what type of cabinetry should you install for your kitchen, the best thing to do is to look for a list of the hottest trends around. Choosing from the top-selling ones can help you make a quick and safe decision towards your goal of having a more functional and splendid-looking kitchen.

If you’re one of those busy people trying to take their kitchen cabinets to the next level, this article for you! We’ve shortlisted five of the most popular,top-selling, and trendy kitchen cabinets of 2019!

Five of the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets of 2019

  1. Open Shelves

More and more people are now into open shelving nowadays due to several benefits of having this type of cabinetry:

  • It gives a warm and welcoming look
  • It makes storing much easier
  • Provides the illusion of a wider and cozy kitchen
  • Expands your storage options
  • Provides an ideal space for displaying dishware collections, ornaments, decorations, etc.
  • It’s quite cheap to install.

Open shelving is basically a cabinet shelf without any doors to limit the space around. Some might say that it has an identical look to an unfinished cupboard, this cabinetry has been around for centuries, making it suitable with traditional kitchen design.

  1. Bright-Colored Cabinets

If you don’t prefer the elegance of black and white cabinet design, you can go for bold colors to lighten up your kitchen! Consider creating a contrast with your flooring by giving it a color of neutral tone combined with the aesthetically pleasing qualities of bright blue and green cabinets.

  1. Smart Storage

Smart Storage can work wonders for kitchens of both large estates and small urban living spaces. This cabinetry is primarily focused on maximizing your storing options through the integration of hidden compartments. You can now securely store anything you want from your most treasured cookware, spices, to those pantry items that you seldom use. Augmenting your cabinets’ functionality while keeping your kitchen space is a smart option indeed.

  1. Stainless Steel Cabinets

Metal kitchen cabinets such as those made from stainless-steel are normally associated with the restaurant and fast-food chain type of kitchens. While they’re not that pretty popular in the past years, looks like things turned out to be much more different in 2019. With a simple yet versatile look, metal kitchen cabinets can also improve the overall look of your kitchen especially with pristine white walls.

  1. Natural Wood Cabinets

Going vintage for your cabinetry never gets old if you will choose to install natural wood cabinets. Combining it with other natural features of your home can provide a mid-20th-century look on your kitchen. It can also be a good alternative for open shelving if you want something else that could complement with your traditional kitchen style.

Turn your 2019 kitchen into something more vouge and exciting! Give these kitchen cabinets a try and see for yourself.

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