Pros and Cons of Reface, Replace, and Refinish

Posted on: September 16, 2021

It always is a good choice to improve the appearance of your home, and those choices range from do-it-yourself kits to fully custom designs by professionals. However, there are aspects home remodeling that need to be made by people who have authentic background especially when it comes to kitchen cabinet concerns that can lead to a homeowner choosing whether to reface, replace, and refinish their kitchen cabinet storages.

Whether you’re installing new cabinets or just replacing your existing ones, you have to pay attention to how they look inside and out. It’s not enough to just measure the door or floorboard’s dimensions, since those components only reveal part of the picture. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of these three options to help you decide which facelift your cabinet needs.

The Pros

  1. Cabinet Refacing – also known as resurfacing, is a way of giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift using what is already there. The original cabinet framework is retained and only the surface material like cabinet fronts and drawers are updated by installing new laminates or veneers. Refacing is usually done when a visible wear and tear on cabinet doors start to appear. This cabinet makeover option is also considered by many homeowners if they have a tight budget and may cost almost third to a half of the cost of cabinet replacing.
  2. Cabinet Replacing – Yep. Replacement, it’s what you think it is. A total removal of your existing cabinets to replace it with new ones. This type of kitchen cabinet treatment happens when a homeowner decides to fully change the layout of their kitchen area to achieve a style they aim to do, or when the cabinets cannot be rescued with a simple refacing. In choosing cabinet replacement, a big amount of budget needs to be prepared as cabinet replacements cannot be a DIY thing, because you will need the help of professionals.
  3. Cabinet Refinishing – A little more like cabinet refacing, refinishing is basically updating the look and color of the cabinets. A treatment like this is the most budget friendly update that a homeowner could do as this only involves sanding the present finish of the cabinet and then repainting it with your chosen color because the cabinet structure is still intact and in good condition.

The Cons

  1. Cabinet Refacing – Though kitchen cabinet refacing may be a DIY project, and refacing cabinet doors and fronts seem easy, you may need the help of a skilled professional to do this. With that, costs can add up as the need arises.
  2. Cabinet Replacing – Some homeowners have to learn to look at what their existing cabinet material is made of, because sometimes old cabinets are better than changing it with modular cabinet materials made from pressed wood from the overseas. If kitchen cabinets are made with custom made, high-quality, solid materials, then refacing is better than replacing the whole thing.
  3. Cabinet Refinishing – When done on a DIY manner becomes dangerous, because most homeowners tend to use solvent-based paints that toxic and unpleasant smell or fumes that may last for weeks especially when the kitchen area is not well ventilated


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