Pros and Cons of Waterfall Countertop Trend

Posted on: September 28, 2021

Waterfall countertops are designed to fall vertically at the edge of a kitchen cabinet, creating a natural, continuous flow that links the cabinet and the countertop. They provide a natural flow of light down into the room, creating a very aesthetically pleasing feature that is currently on trend with many kitchens.

However, there are several pros and cons to waterfalls as kitchen countertops. It is crucial to know the pros and cons of a waterfall countertop before deciding if they would be suitable for your kitchen.



  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Waterfall designs can add a lot of style to a kitchen island or other area of your home. You can select from many different types and choose a material like granite, quartz, or wood that matches the colours in your kitchen so your countertop will blend beautifully with the rest of the cabinetry.


  • Conversation Starter

With the waterfall countertop being a focal point of your kitchen area, it easily attracts people to be near it, putting things on it, and make an excellent room to start a talk with a dear friend or your family members.

  • Durability

    Since these countertops are made of natural materials like stone and glass, they will withstand a lot of wear and tear. You can also choose a material for the bottom of the countertop so that you do not have to worry about toxic fumes seeping into your home.

  • Versatility

    Waterfall countertops and islands are very practical for many reasons. You can utilize the countertop as a cutting surface and cook food. You can also choose to put a microwave on one of the countertops, or you could even choose to place a fireplace in your kitchen.

    The “waterfall” sides of the countertops serve as a protective barrier that protects the cabinets from wear and tear that may happen every time food preparation is done in the kitchen.



  • Kitchen Theme

    Waterfall countertops only match kitchens with contemporary or modern themes; these types of countertops can take up space and will not fit a kitchen of traditional style that usually has too many kitchen fixtures.


  •  Seats

    While some homeowners do away with waterfall countertops without seats, many still favour including seating stools that can be kept underneath the countertop. So, if you have a small kitchen floor area, this might mean that professional builders can install only a countertop in your kitchen. The seat will only be available in the dining area instead.


  • Cost

    Many would agree that if you want an excellent countertop, there is no way to make the cost as low as other waterfall countertops of cheap materials. Good quality countertops cost much because of the materials it is made of and the process of fabrication that it has to go through.


  •  Installation

    Waterfall countertops are a beauty to behold, but many find it even costlier when installation comes into the picture aside from its upfront cost. It is tedious, and more time is needed even by professional installers to ensure no visible seam is seen.

Waterfall countertops and islands are very practical for many reasons. But with the given pros and cons, we hope that these tips help you decide on installing waterfall countertops for your kitchen.


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