Pull-Out Cabinet Trash Bin Pros and Cons

Posted on: November 7, 2022

One of the most critical aspects to never forget in maintaining your kitchen is the role of trash bins. This help keep things in order by keeping all the kitchen trash in one place. Segregating garbage is another concern for many homeowners because it can take up much of the kitchen space.  They are a bit of a turn-off when placed in one corner of an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Innovations to address better garbage management were made as the kitchen remodeling industry developed. This led to the creation of the pullout cabinets that we have now.  But if you’re looking for a pull-out cabinet trash bin, you need to know the pros and cons of these products before making your purchase.


Space Saver

A pull-out cabinet trash bin is a convenient addition to kitchen cabinetry. They are made of high- materials and come in various sizes. These bins can be combined with other cabinet pull-outs, making them a flexible solution for multiple needs. Pull-out cabinet trash bins are a space-saving option in the kitchen and a must-have for most households.

Secured from Pets and Kids

These handy devices slide out from the cabinet door, allowing you to put a trash can and recycling bin in one convenient location. One thing that homeowners love about these is that they are secured and don’t have lids that easily topple. They keep trash and recyclables separate. Given these qualities of pull-out garbage bins, it is kept away from the sight of pets and kids who tend to open ordinary garbage bins left in the kitchen.

A Default Part of the Main Work Area

The most reason why this kind of trash bin is strategically placed under the sink or counter areas is for food preparation. Food waste and other trash can be quickly cleaned straight into the containers for hygiene purposes. When preparing food, sliding it back into place is easy—out of sight fast.


Odor Lingers

Having pullout trash bins mean responsibility. When trash has been left for a few days, especially leftover waste can smell unpleasant. That is, despite regular cleaning using bleach and disinfecting sprays, the odor of trash can stay. The only way to avoid it is by regular cleaning and taking the trash out at least every two days.

Bending of the Slide Mechanism

The slide mechanism can get out of shape if you have kids and teenagers at home who tend to smash down and force these pull-outs. While they can be politely reminded, there are just some days that laziness knocks when trash bin assignments are on them.

Picking the Right Container Size

Small, medium, or large? Choosing the right trash bin size can be confusing. Get a large bin, and you’ll find out that if you don’t fill it up quickly, leaving them for days can create a foul odor that attracts pests. Get a small bin; you will be pained from emptying them too quickly. The ideal size is to get the medium size of containers, maybe? Or one that can be filled by trash but does not overflow in 2 days.


While others still prefer free-standing trash bins, getting pull-out garbage bins can still be helpful in garbage management in the kitchen. Your preference as a homeowner will still play a significant role in choosing how to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen. If you are interested in a pull-out trash bin project to be added to your kitchen cabinetry, try the services by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing. Contact them today at (800) 581-0694.