Questions to Ask Yourself Before Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: February 13, 2019

So, you are now starting to notice those deep scratches and rough stains that almost engulf the entire surface of your old but trusty kitchen cabinet. All you can think is that it ruins the look of the whole kitchen itself.

If you’re wondering as to whether it’s finally time for a change, then you came to the right place my friend!  You may want to consider refacing your kitchen cabinet.

The following questions will serve as guides in determining the best options as well as reminders before you come up with the decision of giving that kitchen cabinet of yours some beauty makeover!

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

Question #1: Is my cabinet still in a decent and working condition?

Always check the state of your cabinet first. Make sure that the drawers and most of its inside parts are still intact. If you have a cabinet that’s already broken to the point that you cannot simply use it to store stuff like cooking equipment, silverware, dishes, and foods, it might be better to replace it instead.

Question #2: Should I retain its former design or customize something new?

One of the significant benefits of having your cabinet refaced is the wide range of options for customization. You have the complete freedom of selecting a variety of door designs and colours. However, you can still find some other styles identical to what you have before just in case you don’t want to change its overall appearance.

Question #3: What are the specific changes I can expect from my cabinet after refacing?

This question is for those who don’t have any idea as to what cabinet refacing is all about. Aside from refacing, another term for this process is resurfacing. Meaning this upgrade will be applied to some of the exterior parts of the cabinet so that it can look a lot newer and cleaner than before. These parts are the doors, drawers, and the overlay. You should contact and consult your refacing service provider to know more about the exact changes you can get.

Question #4: Should I consider other methods aside from refacing?

Technically speaking, there are two ways in upgrading the physical and functional aspect of your cabinet aside from refacing: refinishing and replacing. Refinishing is more like a simpler version of refacing where it only involves applying new paint, veneers, or laminates and not in any way provide new doors or drawers whatsoever. Replacing speaks for itself; by taking everything from your kitchen cabinet in order to restore it with a new one. With these three methods in mind, the only thing you have to do is to conduct a proper assessment of your cabinet’s current condition.

When it comes in making important changes in your cabinet, do not rush things up. Try asking yourself these four questions so that you can have the best refacing service you truly deserve!

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