Reasons Why You Should Not DIY Your Countertop Installation

Posted on: July 10, 2022


Though it has been a trending thing to do, DIY countertop installation can cause more frustration than satisfaction. Despite the many hours one may spend watching video tutorials and buying the necessary stuff to work on the building, it would still take years of experience, skill, and mastery to place one slab perfectly. To avoid unnecessary costs from DIY-ing your kitchen countertops, leave the work to professional countertop installers. They are the ones who can ensure that you get a beautiful and stress-free kitchen.

Slab weight and size

First, whether the material is granite, quartz, or glass, these slabs are weighty for a DIYer to carry. Even if you’re a handyperson or have two or three people to take it with you, the slabs can weigh up to 200 pounds. So, there is still an expert way to handle these materials that only professionals can do.
If you’re not experienced with this project, you’ll pay more than twice as much in the long run. Not to mention the mess you’ll have to clean up. Better call professionals that can ensure that nothing damages the slab and that the slab does not damage anything already in the kitchen.

Precise measurements of lines and surfaces

Installing countertops is not a simple project. Especially if you’re using expensive, fragile materials, it can be tricky to install. You’ll need to make measurements and deal with problems that could cause severe damage. Professionals know the proper methods and tools to ensure a proper installation.
For example, surfaces can become hazardous upon countertop installation. If you try to DIY this, you might find cracks in the surface of your countertop because putting them is not a simple put-it-on-the-top-and-seal-it thing. Professional installers must be sure of the measurements of the place where the countertop is to be set. It will require that the area be free from dust—even the most single grain should not be seen. Precise slab installation is essential to free your kitchen countertop from unsightly seams and cracks.

Access to the proper installation tools

Professional installers often use steel angles to fasten the countertops to the base cabinet. Using 1-1/2 in steel angles is the best option, as it’s foolproof. Using 1-1/2-inch steel angles will prevent mistakes and ensure a sturdy countertop.
Suppose you try to DIY this and buy tools you might not use again after installing the countertop you want. It will affect your overall budget. It may not give you a good return for investment as you will also have to store them correctly for safety. Additional costs on your part are most likely to happen.
In addition to the experience of a professional installer, you’ll avoid the risk of mistakes. Inexperienced do-it-yourself countertop installers often make mistakes, including uneven slabs, improper grout work, and cracks in the slabs. You’ll also avoid costly repairs down the road if your installation doesn’t meet industry standards. Professional installers are highly trained and experienced in countertop installation and will ensure the quality fitting of your dream countertop for your kitchen.


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