Tell Tale Signs to Reasons to Reface a Kitchen Cabinet in 2023

Posted on: May 11, 2023

Refacing kitchen cabinets is a splendid way to give your kitchen a renewed look without the expense and hassle of a sweeping renovation. Refacing involves replacing your kitchen cabinet handles, drawers, and hardware while leaving the framework intact.

But how do you know when to reface your kitchen cabinets? Here are some tell-tale cues to look out for:

Your Cabinets Look Dated or Worn Out

If your kitchen cabinets are over ten years old it might be better to have them updated. If the doors and drawers are warped or cracked, the finish is peeling or discolored, or the hardware is rusty or outdated, it may be time for a reface for your kitchen cabinets.

With cabinet refacing, you are offered not only one or two style options. There are a myriad of wood finishes you can choose from. From birch to maple, oak, or hickory finishes, most remodeling companies will offer you the designs that will answer your preference. Most of these options also come with promos that will surely match your cabinet-refacing budget.

Your Kitchen Needs a Style Update

Refacing is an excellent choice if your cabinets are still in good condition but need a cosmetic update. This is particularly true if you like the layout and functionality of your current cabinets but want a different style or color.

Check if the frames are intact, functioning well, and have no steam damage. Refacing them is an excellent way to make them match your style or the design aesthetic of your home; cabinet refacing in Santa Ana can give your kitchen a modern, updated look that reflects your style better.

You Want to Promote Your Home’s Resale Value

Refacing your kitchen cabinets can be a wise investment if you plan to sell your home soon. A kitchen with updated cabinets can make your home more attractive to possible buyers and increase its resale value. Plus, they are more affordable than a complete kitchen renovation making them economical on your part.

Cabinet refacing in California can be completed in a few days, whereas a total renovation can take weeks or months.

You Want to Reduce Waste

Sustainability is becoming one of the main concerns of households that opt to have their kitchens remodeled. This is why many homeowners opt to choose refacing their cabinets.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is also an environmentally friendly option, as it reduces the amount of waste that goes straight to landfills. By refacing your cabinets, you’re keeping the existing framework in place, and replacing the doors, drawers, and hardware minimizes the carbon footprint.


Refacing is the right option for your kitchen cabinets, depending on the cabinet’s condition and your preference as a homeowner. Signs of wear and tear, a style update, or home resale value, refacing is a quick, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to give your kitchen a fresh look. If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, consider refacing your cabinets today!