Reasons Why Wooden Cabinets Remain Popular (Infographic)

Posted on: March 15, 2021

Kitchen cabinets come in different styles and sizes. But perhaps the most critical factor when people buy cupboards is the material. The rising demand for more diverse types of kitchen cabinets has led to innovations in the home improvement industry. Some of these advances include introducing new cabinet materials in the market, such as those made from metal, laminate, melamine, and thermofoil. While modern materials for cabinets possess properties that can prove to be beneficial for enhancing kitchen storage, their ability to compete with wood remains arguable.

Wooden Cabinets Remain Popular

The rise of new materials can lead to new kitchen trends, but these will eventually grow old as new styles in kitchen storage can emerge at any moment. The possibilities are virtually endless – but wooden cabinets still top the market as they offer a unique and lasting appeal among generations of homeowners.

Here are some of the reasons why it is unlikely that wooden cabinets will go out of style:


Wood is widely renowned for its durability for centuries. When used for storage, they are strong enough to withstand the weight of other kitchen units, such as the countertop. Another innate property of wood is that it is relatively easy to repair in case any trace of dents and scratches were found on its surface. In terms of available cupboard upgrades, even old wooden cabinets can be reused by availing of a kitchen cabinet refacing service.


Buying wooden cupboards opens a wide range of opportunities in terms of customization. You don’t have to worry about finding the best cabinet for your current kitchen design as there are a plethora of options available. Wood cabinets can be personalized so that they can match whatever design you have, be it traditional, transitional, or modern.


Solid wood cabinets are crafted from natural wood, which makes them ideal storage for food and all sorts of stuff. Metal cabinets and other materials can suffer from rust and other chemical compounds that can harm the condition of its contents.


Cabinet manufacturers always ensure that they won’t run out of stocks when it comes to wooden cabinets. They are widely available in different varieties apart from hardwood, like particleboard, plywood, and MDF (Medium-Density-Fiberboard).


The benefits that wooden cabinets can offer might give anyone the impression that they cost more than the other materials. In fact, wooden cabinets are quite cheaper! They remain the most common cabinet option these days, with a price range that every household owner can afford, given that they want to replace their existing kitchen storage.

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