What to Consider Before Replacing a Countertop?

Posted on: February 24, 2022

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We can say that kitchen countertops are one of the elements that will define your kitchen’s overall look. Countertops are kitchen work surfaces made for everyday use of food preparation and cleanup. However, over time, even the sturdiest of countertops age up. Plastic laminates show scratches and may chip or show burn marks due to hot contact with pots and pans.

Old stone countertops also take a beating that marks the surface. So, if you think of replacing them, it will be a real deal that needs so many things to consider before switching to a new one. Changing countertops will need serious thought, effort, and budget on the homeowner’s side.

For this reason, we have compiled these pointers to help your kitchen counter replacement become less stressful and more fulfilling.

Know what type of material you’d like to use for your new countertop.
When homeowners want their countertops replaced, they will be replaced with the same countertop material as before. However, some would like to use a different material. To help you decide which countertop material to use, here are some of them:
• Laminate – cheaper than other countertop materials, has many available colors and patterns to choose from
• Granite and marble – expensive but elegant and last for many years, have different patterns but are vulnerable to acid damage
• Ceramic Tiles – cheaper than granite and marble countertop materials, customizable, but are vulnerable to cracks and needs thorough cleaning when it comes to dirt and grime

Countertops are installed at the end of any remodeling process.

Most of the time, homeowners who deem it necessary to change their countertops also find it necessary to change other things in their kitchen—cabinets, flooring, appliances, etc. Usually, countertop changing happens at the last part of the kitchen remodeling if there is any adjustment to its measurements due to cabinet or flooring replacement. The professionals hired to install the countertops can adjust the sizes to ensure that the countertop installation will be precise and before other parts of the kitchen remodeling.

Countertop installation is significant construction.
It might seem that countertop installation is quiet and swift, but the truth is that during the actual construction, it is not. So, it is better to be prepared for the disruption it could make during your everyday house routine as it will be noisy and dusty. To avoid dust and debris, you may cover your doorways, vents, furniture, and floors. Remove items that may break like glassware, lights, hanging ornaments, etc.

Aftercare of the installed countertop.
After the installation, countertops need time to cure and settle, so you mustn’t use the countertops for at least a day or two. Take note of how to take care of your countertop based on your chosen material. Learn and practice the use of chopping boards and trivet to aid in the protection of your countertops and in keeping them neat. Avoid directly putting hot pans on top of the countertop your hot pots and pans to help them last a long time.

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