DIY Kitchen Safety Hacks for New Parents

Posted on: November 22, 2021

It’s enjoyable and exciting to be a new parent! There are so many little things to learn, from how to push a stroller to feed babies and toddlers, but sometimes, it’s easy to get distracted and make mistakes that end up hurting their little ones—especially in the kitchen. Let us share with you some DIY kitchen safety hacks that parents look into that can help minimize accidents, both in and out of the kitchen.


So, whether you are just being frugal or are on a slightly tight budget as new parents, here are some more simple ways to keep children safe. You need not worry because these solutions are easily found in your home.


Rubber Bands for Cabinet Knobs

You can use rubber bands from your office supplies at home or the hair ties of any woman inside your house; you can use these elastics to secure the kitchen cabinet doors by tying them around the knobs. Kids won’t be able to open the cabinet doors when they explore around the house when you do this hack.



 Vertical drawers with handles are one of the most enjoyed things for kids to open. The way a kitchen smoothly glides to and from is fascinating for kids, especially when they see what’s inside a drawer. So, to avoid any further danger or to keep your drawer well working, you can run a yardstick through the handles. This will be hard for toddlers to open because they have to remove the whole yardstick before opening one drawer.


Well, toddlers won’t be able to open it anymore because they are not tall enough to pull the yardstick from the top of the counter. If you have no yardstick, then a tension rod will also do.


Pool Noodles

 Sometimes when kids run around the kitchen, they tend to bump on tables, chairs, kitchen island, or cabinets, and every time those minor accidents happen, parents tend to be stuck for a slight second before they can react and see how the kid is doing. To avoid bumping on kitchen cabinets and having injuries, use pool noodles.


These pool noodles can be an edge covering, especially of tables, cabinets, and chairs. Cut one side of the pool noodle vertically and clamp it on the table or chair’s edges.

Velcro Locks

 If you do not want permanent changes done to your cabinets, you can use Velcro strips to babyproof your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Put two strips on the opposite sides of the cabinet door and frame to keep it shut and hard for kids to open.


Bonus Tip:

Never leave your trash can inside the kitchen. Always choose to store the trash out of your house so kids won’t have the chance to open trash bin lids when they are curious about what they can find inside. Also, keep plastic bags away to lessen the risk of choking because most kids, especially toddlers, tend to put the small things they touch in their mouths. Keep those plastic bags inside hard-to-open (for kids) cabinets or drawers.

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