Shabby Chic Kitchen Designs are Unique but Trendy

Posted on: August 22, 2021

Is shabby chic one of those design trends that confuse you? Do you not quite understand what shabby chic really means but find that you really like the examples you’ve seen in design magazines and on home improvement television shows?

You’re not alone! Shabby chic designs, especially shabby chic kitchens, are actually very popular and growing more so year after year.

What exactly is shabby chic? Well, pieces that fit the bill as shabby chic are chosen because they look aged and show signs or wear and tear yet are still desirable. Quite often, they’re heavily painted with many coats of paint, sometimes in different colors each time, which you can sometimes see peeking through.

Additionally, new items can become shabby chic by being “distressed” to achieve the appearance of being old or antique. However, shabby chic doesn’t refer to just any old, weathered item. Shabby chic pieces are opulent yet soft and are often cottage-style.

Shabby chic kitchen designs have been very popular with Bohemian and artisan types, who love the pieces that constitute “shabby chic” and see them as works of art. And they’re not wrong. They often are quite stunning in a unique way.

Take a look at some shabby chic kitchen designs to understand why many homeowners are so smitten with this style.

Creamy cabinets

Shabby chic kitchens don’t generally use bright white cabinets or even regular wood grained cabinets. Cream is the most popular color for shabby chic kitchens. And no wonder? It looks warm and inviting as well as rather old-fashioned. Countertops can be of the same color scheme as well, regardless of the material you choose for them. You can even choose cream-colored chairs for the table or bar stools for the island and perhaps decorate them with a bit of light blue or pale pink, but definitely no bright colors for this creamy shabby chic kitchen.


Distressed white cabinets

If you really have your heart set on white cabinets, then choose distressed white cabinets, which will seem to have a hint of gray rather than appear bright white. Distressed white cabinets look good with wood countertops and look country enough to pair well with a farmhouse sink. Walls can be matte white or painted in a pastel color, such as perhaps a very pale yellow, blue, or pink. Keep the hardware vintage (preferably a burnished nickel or white) to fit the shabby chic kitchen theme.

Blush-colored accents

Many shabby chic kitchen lovers turn to a very, very pale pink – widely known as blush – as the color for certain accents within their space. Blush works well with cream or distressed white and adds a bit of a feminine touch that’s especially popular with female shabby chic kitchen fanatics. Consider a hutch or some other sort of accent cabinet painted in a delicate blush color, just right for displaying vintage tableware or glasses that fit the shabby chic profile. A blush-colored tabletop on a distressed farmhouse table is also a nice touch.


Antique porcelain sinks

Though this might be a bit more costly than some of the other items you purchase for your shabby chic kitchen, investing money in a showpiece such as an antique porcelain sink is often quite worth the expense. And once you have it in your possession, you really need to show it off! Ask you kitchen design professional how best to place the sink and what you can do around it to make it stand out. Also look for a vintage style faucet to replace an old one that might not be in great working condition.

Antique curio cabinets

A curio can also be the centerpiece of a shabby chic kitchen. Look for a distressed piece with lots of glass so you can show off all the other shabby chic kitchen accessories you’ve collected, like glassware, vases, mason jars, salt and pepper shakers, or even some vintage frames with photos of your favorite people inside them. Such curios can be found at antique shops or maybe even at garage sales or flea markets, where you’re likely to get a better deal.


So, are you intrigued by the shabby chic movement? Do you wish you could create the perfect shabby chic kitchen? The experts at Mr. Cabinet Care can help. With our decades of experience in designing kitchens of all styles, we can assist you in creating the shabby chic kitchen of your dreams. Just give us a call to get started!