Simple Cabinet Makeovers to Try at Home

Posted on: July 11, 2022

When kitchen cabinets have been subject to use for many years, one might think of having them replaced to make the kitchen look fresh. However, some homeowners can’t seem to move past the sentimental value of their cabinets. When these storage boxes only look old and dull but are still useable, there is no need for them to be replaced. You know the tendency when it comes to replacements, right? — that would mean breaking the bank.
There are many ways in which one can refresh the overall look of the kitchen cabinets with simple makeover ideas. Continue reading this article to get easy concepts you can do yourself at home.

Painting the Boxes

A quick cabinet transformation starts with new paint. It’s a fast, low-cost makeover that can give the room a fresh and energetic look. If your cupboards and cabinets are neutrally painted, and you like to paint them the same color, a tinted primer as a base will be good. But we suggest you add a refreshing pop of color like green or blue to give your kitchen a refreshing vibe.
Or you can opt to paint your cabinets with trendy chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is functional, stylish, and practical in some house areas.

Subtle Patterns with Wallpapers

Yes, you can indeed choose to paint the inside of your cabinets. However, the smell of it might transfer to the items you place there. If you want to elevate your cabinets, the simplest solution is to use wallpapers. Opening your cabinets can be fun with patterned wallpapers. This could also be an attractive focal point if you opt for cabinets with glass fronts.

Wow with New Hardware

To match your newly painted cabinets, you can also pull out the old tarnished cabinet pulls and replace them with new ones. There are so many modern knobs and pulls through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing that you can choose from. A simple change in the cabinet will work wonders and breathe new life into your kitchen.
As a bonus tip, choose drawer and cabinet pulls that match the width of the old pulls. This will make your new cabinet knobs easier to install without the need to drill new holes.
Install Built-in Features
Since this is a project to make your kitchen cabinets function for you, custom built-in features are something good to add. Items like roll-out shelves, bins, or panty pull-outs can also help you organize your kitchen items better. Drawer dividers are good ideas to add to your cabinets, too!

Open Shelves

If you are a homeowner that can maintain a clutter-free kitchen, an open shelf or open cabinet might also work for you. It’s as simple as removing some of the cabinet doors. Through open shelves, you can display your beautiful dinner or glassware, memorabilia, or other decorative items to make your kitchen airier and lighter.

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