Small Kitchen Ideas: Designing Kitchen for Smaller Homes [Infographic]

Posted on: September 13, 2021

Everyone might dream of a spacious and a big kitchen in their house; who would not want that kind of space, right? A place where you can put all your cooking materials and decorate them without any limit. A high ceiling would match your long countertop and have tons of natural light through huge windows. However, in reality, most people only have small spaces with oddly shaped kitchens. But then, this doesn’t mean that you can’t organize and design these tiny areas of yours.

Keep reading for more small kitchen ideas and how you can design it with things worth it in the long run!

Create a Smart Kitchen for your Small Space


You will thank yourself if you do this. Have a few appliances as much as possible, and this means that what you get is only what you need. Don’t go around online shopping for unnecessary things and just put them all together in your small space. Use or opt for double-duty appliances and put it in a built-in cabinet to not occupy much space.


Put Wallpapers as an Accent


Your small space can surely be intimidating at times. Sometimes, it also has a darker aura and vibes. So, you need to maximize your resources and have fun using wallpapers. Applying full coverage of wallpapers in your area can be too overpowering, so add it as an accent instead of covering your entire wall. In this way, your kitchen will have a lighter feel and not be too stuffy to look at.


Conceal Everything by Using Cabinets


The need to hide all the clutter and things around your kitchen is a must. And by doing this, it would be best to conceal these by using cabinets. Mostly, cabinets in smaller spaces don’t have door panels and are open. So, everything is visible, and this can make your room look smaller.


While some may have an old and dirty-looking cubby, refacing them is the perfect solution for this without remodeling the entire cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing is the process of replacing the door and drawer fronts. This will save you money and can have a drastic result on your cabinets and the entire kitchen. In this way, you can also use your cabinets to hide other things and can be used as extra storage.


Make an Illusion


You may feel a little bit of frustration if everything is not going your way. However, don’t lose hope. Make an illusion of a larger space by adding mirrored backlashes in your tiny kitchen. Bonus points if you can also put a different light that will add a statement to your space. In addition to this, you can incorporate light colors that will add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and house.




It may be challenging to have a smaller space if you opted for a bigger one but accepting and appreciating what you have can sometimes be a blessing as you discover things in designing the precious part of your home. Designing a small kitchen for smaller homes may seem unrealistic because of the thought that it may be small, and you might run out of ideas, but with a little effort and a positive mind, everything has a solution.


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