Specifications of a Standard Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: March 14, 2019


Kitchen cabinets provide the arguably one of the most vital functions of any kitchen which is to provide space for storage. For those of you who might be planning to do some kitchen renovation, it is very important to consider what kind of cabinet your kitchen should have. From its appearance, features, size, dimension, etc. And a great way of doing this is by studying the specifications of a standard kitchen cabinet. While there can be a lot of variations as cabinets normally come in many designs and materials, knowing the basics helps you to have an excellent kickstart on your pursuit of owning the best kitchen cabinet.

Specifications of a Standard Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Hardware

The hardware refers to all of the tools, components, or parts that are pretty essential for it enables the cabinet to serve its purpose. The following are examples of cabinet hardware:

  • Knobs – The handles installed on the surface of the drawers or doors, usually in round shape with a single screw and bolt
  • Pulls – A hardware that is used with the same purpose as the knobs, but with different shape and that is usually mounted with two screws and bolts instead of one.
  • Hinges – The small mechanism that allows the doors to be attached to the main cabinet frame. It also works as a joint that makes the doors to be moved.
  • Drawer Slides – An auxiliary part that secures the opening and displacement of the drawers.
  1. Door Surface

When trying to improve aesthetic quality, cabinet designers usually focus on the door surface as this is the main focal point. It is also the part that is highly customizable or very convenient to modify due to the wide variety of available options.

  • Materials – Majority of cabinet doors are made from solid wood or plywood, but there are actually other materials that are worth mentioning indeed. These are particleboard and melamine. Be sure to talk with your cabinet maker to discuss the best type of material that will suit the look and layout of your kitchen.
  • Color and Finishing – Regardless of its color, kitchen paints nowadays are oil-based so that it can add up to the durability and resiliency of the cabinet.
  • Style – Cabinet styles are originally designated into three classifications: traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Traditional designs are more into putting ornamental accessories and some form of detailed and old artistry. Contemporary design focuses on classic yet modern cabinet materials like metal coated doors. The transitional design is simply more like a combination of traditional and contemporary.
  1. Drawer Slides

There are a lot of drawer styles available to the market today. Here are some of them:

  • Side-mount slides – As the name suggests, it is a slide that is attached to the opposite side of the drawer.
  • Center-mount slides – It can be quite identical to slide-mount slides on the first look, but center-mount slides are mounted right at the center of the drawer.
  • Push to open: These forms of slides are made with a nudge to the drawer front so that it can be open through a simple pushing motion.
  • Self-close – Slides that automatically returns to the cabinet the moment the drawer is pushed.

These cupboards are more than just additional accessories to make your cooking area look cooler and more organized. With the advent of modern technology, kitchen cabinet designing have contributed so much to the industry that it’s now quite hard to imagine a kitchen without any cabinets installed within its premises.

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