What You Need to Know About Stained and Painted Cabinets

Posted on: November 27, 2020

Kitchen cabinets are not only excellent providers of storage, but they can also take the aesthetics of your meal prep area to the next level. Since there is a wide range of design choices for kitchen cabinets, you basically have the opportunity to revamp your kitchen style by selecting a unique cupboard alone.

Upgrading your cabinets while remodeling your kitchen can be done in three ways. Purchasing a new set of cupboards is one of them, and despite being a costly option, it provides the assurance that you will enjoy new and functional storage for years to come. Kitchen cabinet refacing, on the other hand, is by far a preferable method for those who don’t want to spend much but are still aiming to increase the lifespan of their existing storage solution. There is another way, which is considered to be the cheapest option for cabinet upgrades today – repainting.

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Painted cabinets are highly versatile when it comes to enhancing the appearance of your kitchen storage. This is because the color choice is a crucial aspect in kitchen design, considering it has the ability to affect the size, cleanliness, and visibility of a room.

Speaking of colors, painted cabinets are often in a long-standing competition with stained cabinets. While painted cabinets utilize paints to provide an aesthetic color palette to kitchen storage, stained cabinets rely on the natural colors and patterns found on its wooden material.

If you want to learn more about the two cabinet types, this article is for you! Here some of the essential things that you need to know about stained and painted cabinets:


Painted cabinets are more popular compared to their stained counterpart. These cupboards can be repainted in ways that add a burst of life to a seemingly dull kitchen space. However, everyone needs to know that painted cabinets might require constant maintenance.


  • Versatile cabinet type that can be painted in a color that compliments your kitchen’s overall design.
  • Highly compatible with contemporary kitchens.
  • It offers a sleeker design by making the cupboard surfaces appear smoother, hiding any noticeable flaws of the wood.
  • Taking advantage of having a cabinet color of your choice can help create the illusion of broader and brighter space.


  • You might spend more every time you feel the urge to repaint your cabinets.
  • Some painted cabinets, depending on the durability of the wood, are prone to chips and scratches.


While not as mainstream a choice as painted cabinets, stained cabinets unleash the beauty of its own with its natural wooden patterns. The appearance of these cabinets is tough to emulate through painting and are often made from more durable materials, such as hardwood.


  • Unique texture offered by the stains.
  • Highlights the natural qualities of the wood, making them an ideal choice for traditional styles like rustic and farmhouse kitchens.
  • Their low maintenance qualities can enable you to save money in the long run.


  • Color options are limited.
  • Can sometimes make unsightly stains noticeable on the cabinet surface.

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