Start Your Year Right With these Cabinet Clean-Up Tips

Posted on: February 21, 2023

As kitchen spaces are becoming the focal point of every home, learning how to clean up cabinets is necessary now, as it can make or break the ambiance of your kitchen area.

Well-maintained cabinets can last longer than those that are not. As a property owner on a budget, cabinet refacing Orange is a way to go when in doubt about your current storage space.

Refacing companies can help you with almost everything concerning your cabinets. To help you more, below are some cleaning tips for kitchen cabinets that you can do to start your year right.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Regardless of how busy you are with your lives; it would help if you allow yourself to cleanse the dirt around your home. This is especially true with kitchen cabinets as they need constant maintenance to ensure longevity.

Regular cleaning keeps your cubbies dust-free. This is why setting a cleaning schedule on cleaning kitchen cabinets are a must. In line with this, you can consider wiping the cabinet doors once every two weeks and twice a year for the inside of the cubbies.

Following a schedule helps you remain organized as much as possible. With this routine, it will be easier to deep clean your cabinets anytime you want.

Avoid Unnecessary Moisture

The kitchen is one of the most prone to dampness and moisture because of factors like sinks, refrigerators, and other sources of moisture. For this matter, you should avoid this problem to take care of your cabinets.

By controlling the humidity levels in areas that are more susceptible to moisture, you can ensure that you will prevent foods from spoiling. To combat this, you can use a mini humidifier in your kitchen.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals When Cleaning

The finish of your cabinets is not there for aesthetics purposes only but to protect the underlying wood in your storage space. When cleaning cabinets, make sure to use warm and gentle cleaners since strong ones can damage the wood in your cabinets.

While it is tempting to use harsh chemicals to ensure that all the dirt will be washed out, don’t be tempted since this could scratch the finish of your cubbies.

Clean the Top of your Cabinets Too

It is clear that you should take care of the front doors and inside of your cabinets, but you must not leave out the top of your storage too.

Dust, stain, or insects might be staying there, so ensure that you clean them as well. However, remember not to use an extremely wet cloth as this may cause the wood to swell, which can lead to damage in the future.

Maintaining the top of your cabinets is like taking care of the inside of your storage so, cleanse them well too.

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