Steps to Modernizing a Traditional Kitchen

Posted on: September 16, 2022


We all know that the best kitchens always let functionality and beauty work together. It is also true that with the fast-changing times and aid of the Internet, more and more people are frequently updating their kitchens according to trends. So, if you have designed your home into the pattern of a particular era—not long ago, and want to modernize your traditional kitchen, then you are on the right page.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to create a mix of the traditional and modern kitchen. These two can be seamlessly joined to create a new era of a present-day dream space. However, you must remember that your kitchen’s design might take some time to materialize, so you can’t expect to make drastic changes overnight. However, there are some easy steps that you can take to make modern your traditional kitchen.

Layout = Lifestyle

For instance, you can start by ensuring that the existing layout fits your lifestyle. Consider how you use your kitchen and find a design that fits your needs. Check out the photos, kitchen guides, and discussions on the Internet or through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to get an idea of what you want.

Ask yourself some questions like, what are your priorities? What about the space and size? Will you entertain guests? Will a large family use the kitchen, or just yourself?

Less is More with Light Colors

Present-day homeowners that shifted from traditional to modern kitchens for a new look started with changing their kitchen color. They wanted a brighter room, thus painting their cabinet light or bright contemporary colors like white, beige, or teal.

Let the Air In

Remodeling a traditional kitchen to a modern one, aside from changing the layout to open the space, also meant shifting appliances and adding an island for seating. Others go for a significant change, like installing a breakfast nook with new windows and larger cabinets. They also tend to change the counter heights and add unique backsplashes made of marble to anchor the airy look of the room.

Look for Smart Appliances

Next, make a wish list of things you need for your kitchen. Make sure you know the limitations of your kitchen remodel project so that you can select the suitable materials and appliances for the space. Modern kitchens often require at least one or two new devices like the latest coffee makers. You can also opt for dimmable lights, multi-function cooktops, warming drawers, or a steam oven. The sky is the limit!


Creating a new kitchen from scratch can be overwhelming. Changing traditional to modern may make you feel you’ve missed essential considerations or get bogged down. The fact is that you have a lot to consider. But if you know what questions to ask and take them one at a time, your new kitchen will look and feel better. Following these steps, you’ll be prepared to start your new kitchen.

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