Storage Solutions that Help You Store More (Infographic)

Posted on: January 15, 2021

Is your kitchen running low on storage? While decluttering or getting rid of unused kitchen items can do the trick, insufficient storage can be a recurring problem that hinders your day-today cooking activities. If you want a long-term solution, you should consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets.

Investing on some accessories enhances your cabinets’ capabilities by enabling you to store different varieties of items. In some cases, these accessories can also utilize a part of your cupboard to provide a new and separate storage area.

The best times to consider installing new accessories or storage solutions to your cupboards is during a kitchen remodeling project or a kitchen cabinet refacing service. But nonetheless, the first step towards achieving a better storage is by identifying what specific cabinet upgrades your kitchen needs.

Here are several examples of storage solutions that can help you store more!

Storage Solutions that Help You Store More

Drinking Station

In case you are one of those wine enthusiasts looking for ways of exhibiting your prized collection of liquor, you can have your kitchen cabinets customized. Try using the upper cabinets and set up a wide shelf where you can put your bottles and wine glasses. You can install glass doors to those shelves for safety purposes.

Toe-Kick Drawers

Beneath your base cabinets is an area known as the toe-kick. Many modern cupboards, especially those that are installed in the countertops have empty toe-kicks to slip your foot inside, so that you can get closer to the counter surface while preparing meals. This feature can be a waste of space for other base cabinets. Toe-kick areas can be equipped with drawers which are ideal for storing flat items like trays, linens, and baking pans.

Window-Seat Storage

Even adding furniture to your kitchen design can provide excellent opportunities for expanding your storage. Window seats can turn your kitchen into a more comfortable and family-friendly environment while providing the needed storage for things like snacks.

Pull-out Pantry

A pull-out pantry can be an effective way of converting awkward portions of your kitchen into a useful storage. Combining the characteristics of a shelf and drawer, having a pullout pantry is ideal for keeping bottles and cans that might get lost when stored on a larger cupboard.

Lazy Susan

You can try installing a Lazy Susan to make your cabinets more capable of hosting different sorts of items. An ergonomic storage solution, it is optimal for a Lazy Susan to be installed on areas like your corner cabinets. Its spinning tray mechanisms enables you to store and organize cooking ingredients.

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