Things you should never store on your cabinets

Posted on: May 15, 2019


We often believe that the main function of kitchen cabinets is to store everything that you rarely use in your day to day chores. But in reality, it might be better to not just randomly put literally EVERYTHING to your cabinetry only because you deemed them to be less useful compared to the others. Nonetheless, you must still be aware of certain items that are considered to be inappropriate for those cupboards of yours.

kitchen cabinets storage

Here is a list of things that you should never store on your cabinetry:


If you got most of your linen napkins, tablecloths, and placemats on one of your cabinet drawers, you better take them away and place them somewhere else. As you see, napkins and other similar items are very much susceptible to water, and if your cabinetry is right below a countertop or a sink, then it could render them useless in case of a leak.

However, you can still place all of them in your cabinet as long as they’re located on a high or elevated shelf where nothing could drip or spill on them.

Open Food Containers

It’s totally fine to keep some of your foods in your cabinets if there’s not enough space for your fridge and pantry already. But make sure they are not open food containers because they can give your drawers a pile of mess that needs a thorough cleaning in the future. So, if you need to store food like coffee, sugar, and flour in the cabinet, have them well secured by using a glass jar or a plastic food container.

Old appliances that you never use anymore

Whether if they’re your old waffle irons, coffee makers, ice cream makers, or popcorn makers, let us face the fact that those appliances that you don’t use anymore are just taking a lot of your precious kitchen space. Let’s say you still have one of your appliances stored on one of your drawers for over half a decade already. In that case then it’s time to get rid of it. You can either sell or donate these appliances for those in need.

But if you can’t afford to give them away, then you can store them on other areas of your house instead like the basement or attic.


Your decorations deserved a better place, and your kitchen cabinets are not one of them. Just like your old appliances, keep your house decorations on a labeled bin within the premises of your basement or attic.

Serving Trays

It is better to store your serving trays where you can easily see them. What’s more is that they are too bulky and wide to fit into the cabinets, so you are clearly wasting a lot of space. You can put piles of your trays right on the area above your refrigerator.

Sometimes if you really want to make the best out of your kitchen cabinets, you must start with what you should never store first. That way you can maximize your kitchen space and save more time when doing your daily kitchen tasks.