Tips When Choosing Cabinet Paint Colors (Infographic)

Posted on: May 2, 2019


One easy way to entirely transform the look of almost everything is by changing its color through painting. While painting can be a fun job to do, applying it to give your kitchen cabinets a major makeover is not an easy task indeed. Cabinets served an important purpose for your kitchen; hence, it is quite normal that they take up a large area of visual space. Which means that the color of your cabinets is a crucial factor to consider and must compliment well with the other decorations within its vicinity.

Other than simply choosing a color of your preference, you might also want to check out these tips that can also help you when selecting the best paint colors for your kitchen cabinet:

Tips When Choosing Cabinet Paint Colors

Tip #1: Choose a contrasting color

If you’re still undecided what color your cabinets should have, you can refer to the other colors found in your kitchen. For example, having a light kitchen design can be a good opportunity to paint your cabinets with black or some other darker colors such as gray or dark brown.

Tip #2: Using two or more colors

Using multiple colors is a great way to show off your artistry. In case you’re in for some feelings of playfulness or boldness, then you might want to use a pair of color or even more. Just make sure that it won’t overpower the other good elements found in your kitchen.

A good way of mashing up a pair of colors is by choosing one bold color then combining with another color with neutral features like gray, ivory, beige, or taupe.

Here are some good examples of two-color combos:

  • Green and Blue
  • White and Yellow
  • White and Gray
  • Yellow and Gray
  • White and Black

Tip #3: Knowing the size of your kitchen

Considering the overall size of your kitchen also matters. Matching kitchen size with the color of your cabinets is pretty important because it could either enhance or even oppress the ambiance within the area. Use lighter colors if you have a small or under-lit kitchen and darker ones if you have a bigger and well-lit space.

Tip #4: Choose neutral colors for improving the value of your real estate

Are you planning to sell your house in the future? Then you should opt for something that will appeal to most people, and that is by going for neutral colors. It is also a good idea to follow a minimalist design so that potential buyers can find it very easy to redesign.

Tip #5 Look at the style of your kitchen

So far, the best way to look for a kitchen cabinet color is by paying attention to the look of your kitchen as a whole. If you have a traditional style of kitchen, then look for classical colors like whites and creams.

On the other hand, having a modern kitchen works best with colors like red, green, or yellow.

Whatever color you choose, always remember that it will always depend on how well-crafted your kitchen cabinets are. High-quality cabinets are much easier to paint, and the color will surely stick for a longer duration of time.

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