Three Tips in Making Your Kitchen Party-Ready [Infographic]

Posted on: September 19, 2021

Holidays are just around the corner, and we all know what holidays bring, scrumptious meals, a lot of gifts, and sparkling decors. The culture of holiday decorations will never go out of style. There are many trendy options you can follow to pop the life in your home during this season. As a homeowner, you want aesthetics and purpose on your kitchen countertops to work simultaneously.


The following tips will give you ideas on how to make your kitchen countertop flashy and glitzy right in time for the holidays.

Countertop Space

The first factor you need to consider before diving into decorating your kitchen countertop is space. For a bigger countertop space, you may opt for an extensive design that wraps around some of your kitchen walls. On the other hand, for smaller countertop space, you may consider decorating one to two sections of your countertop. You can incorporate subtle decors to make your countertop an inviting and glamorous element of your kitchen.

Classic Ornaments

You can buy holiday-themed glass ornaments, although this may have a higher price tag. You can make your own by checking your storage or buying from garage sales. Use some colored glass balls and put them in the apothecary jar you have. You can use different colors depending on what holiday you are celebrating. You can also add some lights at the bottom for an added drama.

Decoration and Function

One way to push homeowners in decorating their kitchen countertop is to combine function and decoration. In this way, you will not have second thoughts about shelling out money for holiday decor because it has a dual purpose. Such decors may be cooking supply containers, like mason, apothecary jars, milk jugs, and other storage containers that also act as decorations. Other kitchen appliances are also available in different colors which follow the season.

Nature’s Bounty

Holidays are also a way of celebrating a bountiful life, whatever way you want to express it. Another good way of decorating your kitchen countertop is by displaying actual food and not just supplies for cooking. What other way can you express bountiful holidays if not through food, right? Large bread baskets, cookie jars, fruit bowls, and even canned goods like jellies, candies, jam, and other stored goodies can create a colorful, bright, and welcoming atmosphere.

You can also add a handful of greenery, like plants in small pots, branches, and sprig to add a festive look to your countertop. Additionally, you can put pinecones or spray paint on them depending on what holiday theme you want to achieve.


Lighting is another feature you can incorporate into your kitchen countertops. Holidays lights add an overall festive look to your home. You can use recessed lights or add rope, accent, or task lighting to help brighten the darker areas of the bottom of your countertop and other areas in your kitchen.

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